Friday, March 27, 2015

Millions of Pictures of Me in Clothes....

Yes, I got another Front Door Fashion box, because I was so happy with the last one, and Drew's graduation is coming up, so I thought I'd just jump on in to high fashion. Shall we get started? My first thought on seeing this one was, "What the heck?" But I followed my detailed instructions from Morgan, and ended up thinking this is the cutest outfit! I would NEVER wear a big chunky necklace like this in the past, but I've been coveting one for a while now. I used my "different ways to tuck a top" card that came with the first shipment, and did a front-only tuck. I was also experimenting with a cuff, which is apparently all the rage now....a jeans cuff, that is.

Now the only reason I'm not keeping this is the shirt fits too tightly in the shoulders when I reach forward, the green tank is SOOO tight, and the jeans are so LOW cut as to nearly fall down. I'm still debating the necklace - maybe if I have something else in the closet to wear it with...

Ahoy! This is my favorite top, and it just GOES with my favorite shoes - yay!

I love the way they label each outfit and rubber-band it together so you know what's what.

Now this made me feel like a runway model with the weird black booties, or like one of Alabama Chanin's models, with their straight ahead poses and chunky shoes.

Dean walked in while I was playing with my ridiculously high peep-toe wedges and asked if I was pregnant.

Thus, I attempted to belt it and created a peplum look. Now the back is split open with black netting underneath that I just love, so I'm afraid I have to keep this and wear it to dinner with the girls. (Note to self, get some girls.)

Now I'm not sure what to do with the diaphanous drapey tunic thing, but I love the tank, so it's staying.

And let's talk about the pants, because I went off on a tangent finding things to wear with them, because I LOVE them. Except they're too big. The boys said they looked puffy and made my hips look big, but I think I just need a size smaller.

Now I am channeling a 1950's gangster - where's my submachine gun?!

Okay, I agreed to try a skirt, but do you know the last time I put one on? I don't either, so I figured the zipper goes in front like everything else I've tried on so far. Look at that slit - I can't sit down in this and remain a lady! DUH - the pockets finally clued me in that I had it on backwards. Truly an idiot.

Not so sure about this diaphanous (love that word) shrug, but maybe with something else....still thinking about it. (And I didn't have the suggested flats or sandals to wear with it, so I substituted my Nancy Lopez shoes - not a great choice.) I am keeping the polka dot tank - can wear with pants to work for sure.

Now my second favorite outfit, and the one that had me skipping around the house, possibly because of its weirdness. This is a smocked top with dangly white tassel in front, and some awesome Army green pants. I feel like a militant baby doll!

Love the hi-lo hem, and if I find the right flats, I can wear these pants to work too. I wonder if Front Door Fashion is getting kickbacks from DSW?

This was unusal, and I decided the jacket was just not me - didn't like the elasticized 3/4 sleeves.

But I DO love the top with its racerback (pardon the bra straps), and I wore these pants to work this morning - yay!

Okay, get ready for the finale - the graduation dress:

Ummmm, I'll be quiet for a second while you digest it, and I'll even close my eyes.

Okay, the main problem is the fit, because it's snug at the waist, but really weirdly blousy at the top of the shoulders and back. It's also made of a coarse burlap kind of fabric, so the inside is lined. The skirt is boufy and makes me want to skip around, but it's a little short for my comfort level, and I feel like I'll flash somebody if I bend over just a bit. So I think if I was still in my 20's or 30's, I could pull it off, but not really at 47, and Dean agreed.

SOOOOO, sorry for the very self-centered post. I feel like I didn't offer any life lessons or witty repartee, so please forgive me! Oh wait - I did snap a pic of my secretary's cute top yesterday because I think I can do this with a recycled T-shirt - isn't that cute?

When I asked her permission to shoot, she said just don't get her face in the picture. I told her, "No worries, it's just your crotch." Now there's some humor for your weekend!


Liba said...

Really LOVE the second fave outfit and the navy striped top. I would get the first outfit in a larger size to accommodate shoulders ( this is what I have to do) -- it is REALLY cute on you and complements your coloring. Wish I had some extra bucks to do this just once - wanna lend me some?? Hee Hee - just found out how much it will cost if your niece makes color guard and I am appalled!!!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks, Liba - you will definitely see that outfit at the lake! I emailed her to ask about a a larger size - fingers crossed. You could try this once - you only pay for what you keep and shipping is totally free. Good luck on the color guard thing - making it AND paying for it!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Lynn! You really look great in all of this stuff. Even the dress looks gorgeous on you -- especially if you had it tailored a little bit. I definitely think you should keep trying for a perfect dress. As for a girls night, make the only requirement a netted peplum or a diaphanous tunic and a flute or champagne! :)

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Bahaha! I heard you got a box too - Morgan suggested we have a little try-on party. Should've done a joint blog post - can't wait to see what YOU got!

Junior said...

I like the second outfit the best....and the "gangster" pants are cool.

Pam said...

Wow! You are looking great! I love the outfits! You are really slim -- I love the first outfit an honestly the dress if fun! Wow! The pants all look good too!

Pam said...

And, to follow on -- I love the striped shirt, but I think you could pull off the dress -- with flat sandals. That said -- comfort is a choice and this dress seems like it is uncomfortable!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks, Junior! And Pammie, you're right - I think the dress is cute but it feels weird walking around in it, so I wouldn't be comfortable at graduation.