Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Addictive World of Subscription Boxes!

I've opened a whole can of worms. Katrina turns out to be an excellent enabler, and mentioned she's trying 3 different style services to see which she likes the best. Well, of course I had to know more....which is why I have another box of stuff on the way from Front Door Fashion! This will be terribly interesting, because we saw with Stitch Fix that she and I received slightly different versions of the same items (blazer, stretch pants, blousy top, tie-top), and I noticed in looking at other Stitch Fix bloggers a similar pattern. I think Front Door may be different, because the stylist actually calls or emails you with specific questions after you do your questionnaire, which was more involved than Stitch Fix, and they purport to be totally human with no computer algorithm like SF. Also interesting is that Katrina and I actually have the same stylist at FDF! This could be quite telling, and I think we'll see that this one's more individualized.

So while I was perusing reviews of FDF, I ran across this encyclopedic blog post: she reviewed a ton of subscription box services - that's got to be a full-time job. And here's another blogger's review of a subscription box of beauty products from Japan and South Korea - did you even know that was a THING?! The most interesting (and tempting) one was a knitting project subscription. I looked at this a good 15 minutes before deciding that I don't WANT to pay for and knit fingerless gloves just because they told me to. I prefer downloading free Ravelry projects and impulse-buying knitting magazines in Publix.

Which brings me to my final thought - this is nothing new. Remember World of Beauty makeup club? I couldn't find a picture on the internet or Pinterest, but it was stackable trays with samples of eye makeup, blush, lip colors, etc. that came every month for something like $11.99. I used that stuff for the longest time before I went off to college. Anyone else do that in the 1980's? And here's a link to the discussion of the Sewing Step-by-Step club I was in for a while. I guess "subscription box" is just the new-fangled term, and people have branched out as far as what they'll send you. I can't wait to see what my next one looks like - stay tuned.


Junior said...

Have you heard of Birchbox? I've been reading about that one (it's cosmetics, etc).

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Ooh - off to check it out!