Monday, February 9, 2015

Nutrisystem and Stitch Fix

So I've mostly enjoyed the Nutrisystem food, though a lot of it is quite bland unless you dress it up yourself. This is their cheese pizza, and I added my own mushrooms as well as the side vegetables, of which you're supposed to eat 4 servings daily.

But here's one that didn't work out too well. Looks delicious on the box - I didn't realize until later that the slaw was a "serving suggestion." I'm such an idiot!

Here's the actual meal before heating:

Um, well, it still tasted pretty good, once I fished the chicken out of the bean juice, which was also partly barbecue sauce. Now, on to the Stitch Fix - but let me apologize for my poor quality photos. I need to work on that. Very interestingly, I got nearly the exact same shirt that Katrina did, the pattern's just a little different:

I think it looks sharp, it's just not me. But I DO love the blazer, which is a stretchy knit and has been in some other people's boxes I've seen.

Definitely keeping the blazer.

And the silver bracelet that came with it - love that too.

And this top was interesting, but the print suggested Dean's grandmother's couch, so I'm sending that back.

Interesting back, and I paired it with my own jeans and silver necklace.

If the print was a little different, I'd definitely keep the top for dinners out.

Now here are the stretch jeans I received - I'm channeling Captain Kirk, if only I had a tight olive top. They fit fantastically, but I don't love the boot cut legs. Dean actually wants me to keep them, though!

Maybe the problem is actually my black manly shoes - I'll try these on again with something else.

Okay, less of a heel looks better, and they're flat enough in front that I can tuck in and still feel good....or that might be the weight I lost actually showing up as a flatter belly! My stylist mentioned that they were out of straight-legged pants so she was substituting these to see if I liked them. She definitely paid attention to my requests and referenced something on my Pinterest board, and everything fit me perfectly, so I'm quite tickled with the whole experience!

So what do you think about all this? I'll definitely be signing up for another box. Katrina - I hope you got the referral fee, because I used your link to sign up. Oh, and speaking of that, here's my link if anybody wants to try it out - apparently I'll get a $25 credit if you go through that link - nice!


BeckyW said...

Love the clothes. I especially love the blouse with the bow!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks, Becky! When I look at the picture I think it looks good, but when I'm wearing it, I feel like it's not my style - arghhhh!

Junior said...

I like the jeans too. So do they put shoes in your package if you request that? I saw some scarves on their Facebook page.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

OOOOhhhh - if only I could find a shoe service! I'd sign up for a pair every week, but sadly, none of them do that. They make a recommendation for you, but you're on your own. That's seriously half my problem, I think.