Saturday, February 21, 2015

I've Died and Gone to Fashion Heaven!

Shout-out to my Mom for signing for my Front Door Fashion box while I was gallivanting in Key West. And by gallivanting, I mean huddling in a hoodie and bathrobe while trying to drink a pina colada in gale-force winds. Dean captured the moment I couldn't take it anymore and came back inside (and this would make you think I was in fashion hell, no?):

It's blurry, but you get the picture. So what a treat to come home and play dress-up. They wrap everything and label it so nicely!

You get a very detailed description of each outfit, including a shoe card where they tell you which type of shoes to wear, and other options for styling it. I LOVE this!

The biggest area where I've been left behind in the fashion world is apparently tight pants. I've noticed all the other mothers wear leggings with boots and long shirts currently. I love the color of these pants, but they're definitely too tight.

And I don't wear heels a lot, but they're kind of smoking.

Definitely keeping the top (the bottom has a string holding it together that I need to cut), and I'll size up in the pants if possible.

Okay, these look like rain boots - a trip to the shoe store is in order if I want to rock the leggings with boots look.

Holy moly, I'm in love!

You can't see the details, but these are pinstripe pants with a double-wrap belt. I'll try to upsize these too, because I don't think I could sit down in them.

And I LOVE this top - didn't put a necklace on because it didn't say to, and I was strictly following the directions. I love the pleated detail on the sides.

And these pants will work with any work shirt I like and my usual work shoes.

And next up is the perfectly fitted classic white shirt, with some more tight pants that are not as tight as the others, so they're staying.

They styled this with this awesome sweater that I love - this is my favorite outfit!

And the necklace is great, but I never know if it should go around my neck or go under the collar of the shirt - please help.

Drew said it looked fine except the pants should be longer and I should wear socks - very helpful, that one.

This is my favorite pair of men's-look shoes.

Now this one just didn't do it for me, for some reason. I thought I could handle red, but I'm just not a fan, and the blazer was very tight in the arms. Dean also nixed this one, but Lucas said it was his favorite if the top wasn't so bright. That one's also very helpful when it comes to fashion.

I will try to upsize the jeans, because I like them, aside from the tightness.

And the top is just precious - maybe in a different color.

This look also came with dressier black pants - the only ones that weren't skin-tight!

I was just playing around to see what else I could wear with them. Unfortunately, I get a Hammer-time vibe from these.

And finally, the worst of the bunch - it's the "feminine look," which I'm apparently not built for.

Definitely cuter with the cardigan, but still not for me. Nobody liked all.

I tried to cuff the pants up just to see if they'd be salvageable if I hemmed them, but nope.

SO! What do you think? Katrina, I'm terribly interested to see whether you got very similar looks, like we did with Stitch Fix. And I'm due for another Fix next month, but I'm thinking of cancelling it since this one was much more successful. These things are generally more expensive, but the quality seems even higher to me. The last LONG wide-legged pants here were Level99, which is the same brand that I kept from Stitch Fix. And one top was French Connection, with my favorite pin-stripe pants being Nanette Lepore, whom I think I've heard Katrina mention before. Anyway, I'll be upsizing most of the pants, and keeping 3 of the 5 outfits, so I consider this a great success. My stylist, Megan, also seemed to get me better than Stitch Fix, though I know this was just the first try with both companies. Anybody else try these?


Sheila said...

I'd never heard of subscription boxes till you posted. You got great pieces. Like the top, the pinstripe pant & grey pant fit nicely. For the sleeveless tank, need a little excess ease removed from the side seams, maybe 5" down from armhole. I find that although the stretch pant is initially too tight, I noticed after a few hours of wear they relax & feel comfortable. The red top just may need the side seams taken in too, love the color on you. I did not care for it with the cardigan. Thinking the cardigan would work best with a button down or a fitted tank. Not feeling the black pant either. I also like the black blazer, perfect on you

BeckyW said...

The subscription boxes seem like a great idea. I'd never heard of them either. I really need to up my fashion game a bit. I always love buying a cute top, but rely on jeans much too much. Since I'm doing the SAHM thing, I don't really need much impressive. Would be nice to wear something better than jeans in the winter. I do a bit better in the summer. I like summer clothes much more.

I'm feeling you pain of your Keys trip. We were in Orlando this past week. It rained when we arrived Tuesday afternoon. I was cold Wednesday and was freezing and super windy on Thursday. Friday we headed up to Gainesville for Jessica to have a campus visit at UF. It was cold, but bearable. Not a great week for vacation. Hope you did have some fun though. We did despite the conditions.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Sheila - thanks for the suggestions! A couple of people have told me now to give the stretch pants a few hours to relax - good advice!

Becky - that's funny that y'all were in FL too, but I hate that the weather was like that. Makes riding roller coasters fairly unpleasant! Tell Jessica to tighten up if she wants to go to FL - Drew was accepted to AU and UA but found out last week that UF turned him down...and this is an Eagle Scout who made a 33 on his first try at the ACT! They're super competitive now for out of state especially...

BeckyW said...

Oh wow! The I thought that the admission lady that talked before the tour said that they did admissions blind to the state they came from. We must have heard her wrong. We were looking at UT Austin and have heard that it is super hard to get accepted. Jessica made a 33 on her second attempt at the ACT. She does not have anything on her resume as strong as being an Eagle Scout. Her grades are really good. We'll keep our fingers crossed. She really liked it there.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know they did them blind - now I feel worse! His grades were not stellar - had a 3.4 GPA - and not a lot of activities besides Scouts, so I think that was Dean is an alumnus but we haven't donated recently - doh!

BeckyW said...

Has he decided on a school yet? I am so overwhelmed by the whole process.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Decided on Auburn over Alabama. Is she a senior or a junior?

BeckyW said...

She is a Junior, so we have time. We are just really getting started in the process. She is dying to go out of state. We told her that if she gets some scholarship money to make it affordable, we'd be open to it. Our trip to UF was really our first real trip to check out any University. She is still a bit undecided on major and I think that is the thing that she really needs to nail down. Right now she is looking at a physics major with a minor in creative writing. She would love to become a writer/screenwriter, but realizes that she will need something more solid to pay the bills. We do plan on visiting Alabama and Auburn both.

Morgan Purcell said...

Lynn, I had so much fun styling you up & these photos are so helpful for future boxes! Keep taking them, please. The more I know, the better your future boxes will be! :)

I'm so glad you found some outfits that you loved. I look forward to styling you up again soon!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

And I just realized I got your name wrong, Morgan, in the post - sorry! I'm eagerly awaiting my second box - will post about it too...