Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Two Garments in One Day?!

Well, technically I just FINISHED the skirt, and STARTED the top, but have you ever been so fired up that you wear the one you just finished while you start the next one?

I hemmed the skirt and put it on, saw that my lining was peeking out at the slit, and sat down to handstitch that (yes, while wearing it, no wonder I have back spasms), then went right back to the cutting table to cut out the Sorbetto top. Look - everything's done but hemming and binding!

It's a little blousy on me - wouldn't it be cute with a skinny belt? (Grabs nearest belt) WOW - talk about color blocking, but it's kind of peplum-y...

Okay, I'll nip that in at the sides and use a different fabric for the next version. Now to style this skirt, using my Lord and Taylor wall thoughtfully (that was for the Project Runway watchers).

Ready for golfing, and tucked to show details. Now this calls for facings instead of a waistband, but if you line a skirt, do you really still need the facings?

I think not!

I paid careful attention to the plaid when cutting and when sewing, but a lined skirt kind of floats around on your body, so I didn't know my zipper was off-kilter in the picture. It really is centered.

Just had to try it with my Pure Barre top since it matched. (Don't worry, Dean, this is NOT the look I'm going for...)

Don't forget the Target platforms!

Okay, this is more realistic. I think I'd love these shoes if they were some spring color, but they just look so...hippie in a broomstick skirt-ish...not that there's anything wrong with that! Given that the slit in the skirt makes Dean nervous when I sit on the floor (very modest in Japan, you know), I'll probably wear this out to dinner or while shopping, but not while hanging out with his relatives. Samui desu ka? (Cold?)

Hey knitting ladies - I washed my sweater and now the cute rolled up edge along the back hangs limp and stretchy...any way to get that curl back? Should I wash it again and block it....tighter?

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