Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ya Gotta See Mama

Holy crap, people, Drew and I just got back from watching Mama.

I really wanted to see it because of the previews showing the freaky little kid running on the ceiling and doing what Drew calls "skitter-skattering" across the floor. It was WAY more than just a few good scares. This was the first really good scary movie I've seen in a while...probably since The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and that's really in a different genre - more along the lines of The Omen and (obviously) The Exorcism. Mama is the Poltergeist of the 21st century.

It was that involved and that scary, and there was really a storyline you could follow that made sense. I loved The Ring for scares, but the storyline made no sense at all.

And The Grudge was also horrifying, but just a simple story with no depth to the characters.

The ending of Mama feels sort of like a Tim Burton movie - maybe Coraline or Edward Scissorhands - and actually made me cry. So I totally think they should get nominated for some awards here, if not for great writing and acting, then maybe visual effects and sound effects (there was one scene where the sound effects nearly made me grab Drew). Drew is usually very critical of movies, and he gives it an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Okay, in other news, I finished my short muslin of the Betzina pants with excellent results, so I'm turning those into full-fledged shorts with pocket and zipper. But first, off to my mom's for dinner. Drew has to work, and Dean and Lucas are camping with the Scouts. You didn't really think I'd stay here by myself after THAT movie, did you?


Liba said...

What is it about horror movies and girls with long hair hanging in their faces? And creepy things crawling on ceilings? Just the advertisement gave me nightmares - you are a stronger woman than me!

Sister said...

I know, right?! And there was some other movie where the monster crawled around real jerky-like on the ceiling. I told Drew that one of the creepiest effects is when they change the speed of something coming towards you...I should teach a class on scary movie techniques!

Pam said...

Scary - I'm here in Hawaii in the pouring rain (for days) working - and saw the preview! No way! That is too creepy for me! So brave you are!