Friday, March 8, 2013

Liberty of London in Mobile?!

I've been trying to get to Pure Barre, knit, sew, watch my pants fitting class, and be a halfway-decent wife and mom in general, so I haven't been here lately, but let me catch you up on some things. First, here's the famous Carnival cruise ship that was dragged into now-famous Mobile last month, as viewed from I-10.

Even more impressive when juxtaposed with the Mobile Metro Jail.

And today I finally paid a visit to Peanut Butter and Jelly Kids, which is a high-end fabric and sewing store in a sketchy area of Old Shell Road right next to I-65. They have Liberty of London fabric!!!! (Katrina - take note.)

And everything you could want if you sew for fancy-schmancy fru-fru tots!
They do applique and smocking...

I've seen some of this fabric over at Kitschy-Coo's website.

Most of the fabric here is expensive and geared towards children, but I bought this Moda cotton off the 50% off rack to make myself a short summer dress...

which I might just DRAPE...with my new PGM dress form!!!!

(Yeah, my birthday's not until July, but this sucker was expensive, so that's how I'm justifying it to myself.) And now I'm off to FINISH my beige alpaca sweater, which I hope to model for you sometime this weekend - woohoo!


Junior said...

Ohhh, I love that material/pattern for a dress!

Amy Bailes said...

That fabric will look awesome on you! There used to be another heirloom shop in Mobile, is it still open? I can not remember the name of the store though. :-/

Sister said...

You're good, Amy! Nostalgic Needleworks closed a couple of years ago, but she still has a website ( and apparently is still sewing and designing.