Friday, August 14, 2009

Can't Help Falling...

So if you've been in the archives or are a regular reader, you may remember a trip in New York City...yes, IN, not TO, as in I fall down go boom in a fancy hotel lobby. Well I took another trip this morning at the beach. I was coming down the stairs barefooted and that left foot just flew right off that step - luckily I fell backwards instead of forwards or this could've been tragic.

As it was, it was quite comedic - Chevy Chase couldn't have done better. Drew was sitting at the table and turned around as the thudding started then went on for quite a while. To his credit, he didn't smile or laugh until I started, but first asked if I was okay. Then when the hysterical laughing began (I always laugh hysterically after I fall unless strangers are watching), he asked incredulously, "Are you LAUGHING?" Once he realized 911 was not necessary, he described how funny I looked bouncing down each step rapidly on my bum. (I was wondering why it took 5 steps to stop when you've got an elbow, wrist, and iliac bone applying the brakes.)

Then the hysterical laughter threatened to turn into sobbing, but that would confuse the children, so I nipped that in the bud. Now I'm the proud owner of a black and purple stripe in the nether-regions as well as a greenish-blue swollen hematoma from wrist to elbow. (When that one darkens up I may post a picture!)

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Junior said...

We may have to ban you from all steps.