Saturday, September 3, 2016

Gin Lamp & Crocheted T-shirt Rug

So we had this beautiful Tanqueray 10 gin bottle that my brother turned into a lamp - cool!

I'm just having a hard time with the shade. This is from another lamp - I was just testing the size...

And this is one on sale from Hobby Lobby, which is entirely too big. The do-it-yourself shades that you can stick your own fabric on were not the right size either. Anybody got another shade-shop you recommend?

And now, I've been thinking about crocheting a rug for the beach bathroom since I enjoyed doing Lucas's donut so much, and Drew declined an Auburn rug for HIS bathroom. I checked Ravelry for ideas, and found some made of cut-up T-shirts- how cool and green! I checked my LYS, but they didn't have any T-shirt yarn (also known as T-yarn or tarn, Google told me), and if you buy it online they don't guarantee more than 2 skeins of the same color - huh? So I went upstairs to my stash, and found a bunch of XL T-shirts I bought at an outlet to make Alabama Chanin stuff. A lot of these are also hand-me-downs or shirts nobody wears anymore.

I found a couple of tutorials online for cutting up T-shirts to make a continuous strip, and went to work last weekend.

Most importantly, don't cut all the way through the whole shirt or you'll just have individual strips that are a pain to join. You go back and cut diagonally through that uncut portion to get a continuous strip.

And a rotary cutter makes it go SO much faster than using scissors.

The cutting is tedious, and I got blisters from pulling so much cotton to make it curl, but the crocheting is fun because it goes really fast!

The strips up top are from the back of the shirts where I couldn't get continuous strips.

So I chained 50 then slip-stitched, then went back with 49 single crochets, and just repeated that over and over. I only added colors at the beginning of a row, except for one time I used a similar light blue because it was all I had left.

And ta-da! It took about 17 T-shirts to get 34", which is what I needed for the bathroom. And that very dark stripe is actually purple...

This is closer to the actual color. (I think up-close stitches are so artistic.)

I'll take a picture of it in the actual bathroom next time - that bathroom has green walls, a purple lamp, and lots of blue colors in the artwork painted on the wall, so I think it'll be cute.

Now wasn't I working on a black mesh sweater sleeve? And I'm eagerly awaiting an update and picture from Robbie, who's finishing up her Alabama Chanin tunic - no pressure, Robbie!


Amy Bailes said...

Girl, get out the yellow pages and find a lamp store. You can take in your lamp and they'll help you pick out shade for it.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

You know, I thought briefly about that, but this thing weighs about 30 pounds with all the glass rocks inside it to keep it from turning over with a shade, plus I was afraid shades from an actual lamp store would be expensive. But you're right, that's where I need to go. (And do you still get yellow pages?!)

Amy Bailes said...

Believe it or not, I do still get the yellow pages! Y'all don't?!?!?

The shade probably will be expensive, but this is a one if a kind original lamp base, made just for you. It deserves it have the perfect shade!

BeckyW said...

Loving the lamp. That is so cute. I don't really know of any lamp stores in Mobile. I think there used to be one on Cottage Hill Road near Azalea. I'm an Amazon shopper. They give pretty detailed measurements of top and bottom diameter an height. I think that you could used the ones you have to get a good idea of what you want. I guess you will have to be careful about how the shade attaches to the lamp.

I am loving the rug. that is so cute. You amaze me with all your crafts.

Geoknitter said...

You clearly are going to need to experiment with plastic bag knitting/crochet next! Same process, just cut them into strips and kind of weave them in as you go (no knots).

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Amy, you're right - this lamp deserves a decent shade, and we occasionally DO get a really small Yellow Pages, but I put it right in the recycle bin since we google everything.

Becky, I believe that lamp store closed, but there's one on the I-65 service road behind Dreamland. The attachment is a big deal - that's why the DIY shade at Hobby Lobby didn't work. And I meant to ask you if y'all did the wallpaper in Jessica's dorm room, or was it there already? It was cool!

Geoknitter, I saw that plastic bag crocheting thing - have you done it?! I popped over to one of your blogs and saw your Alabama Chanin tank - that thing is gorgeous! I saw that you're beading too - I always had trouble finding needles that would go through the beads...worth the pain, though. Thanks for leaving a comment!

BeckyW said...

The wallpaper look was actually a tapestry I bought from Amazon. The brand is Society6. They make lots of different designs. I sewed tiny ribbon loops along the top of it and hung it on the wall with tiny clear command hooks.

Anonymous said...

Robbie is moving very slowly this week. Still working on the rental house, I even dream about it now!!!!


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Well cool to know Becky - you're very clever! And Robbie, that rental house is going to make you so day soon...very soon, I'm sure....