Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Family Photos & New Fluevogs!

Here are a couple of action shots of the wood-turning jackets I made for my BIL and brother recently. Joe sports his Auburn jacket while proudly displaying one of his own creations. (What is that, Tracey, a wine stopper?)

And Scott demonstrates the superior ability of the neckband to repel pesky wood shavings.

Meanwhile, I've been attempting to train for a Spartan race, mainly by doing pushups, Russian crunches, and climbing the rope in the backyard. Drew showed me how to wrap the rope around my feet, and I finally succeeded!

And am actually progressing up the rope with each attempt!

It's a wee bit scary!

Lucas was fitted for a tux for the school chorus, and looks quite dashing.

And the proudest moment of all - my nephew snapped a pic of Aubie (Auburn University's football mascot for our foreign visitors) with the ROTC contingent in the stands, and the clean-shaven young man without glasses would be Drew. My heart swells. And all the deceased relatives' hearts would swell, as both Drew and my nephew are in the ROTC and were on the field together for the flag detail. (I'll wait while you get a tissue, Mother.)

Now on to the Fluevogs. We went to New Orleans for the Saints opening game, and I had emailed the Fluevog store there ahead of time that I was in love with the Pilgrims. Why would I email them? Because they will make sure the right sizes are there for you to try on when you come to town! The amazing customer service continues.

They fit perfectly, so I wore them as above to work today. Now when the weather gets colder, I will need to incorporate socks, and this is the best I have right now.

Yes, I know, Wicked Witch of the West. The sales associate did tell me to join the Fluevog Friday Facebook group, though, and that's where everybody shows pictures of how they wore their shoes. (And if you thought I was obsessed, you should see some of the posts!) Of course I had to try them on with everything in my closet, and they do play nicely with the Alabama Chanin garments.

But I liked this look the best - very professional.

They're so comfortable, though, that I'm entertaining the idea of wearing them to Mardi Gras....

or the Lyras....which do you think? (Remember that I wore brown ankle boots a couple of years ago - nobody looks at your shoes.)

I'll leave you with a fun little video from the Saints game - this usher danced to every little song they played. We should all love our jobs this much!


BeckyW said...

I am so behind on my blog reading. Where does the time go?

The wood-turning jackets! Who would have thought. Those are adorable. Perfect. Although there are a lot of script A's in my life these days. I think the Auburn one looks awesome.

I can't even imagine being able to climb a rope like that. Tennis uses a fair amount of the upper body, but I could never manage that. I am the weakest link!

Super handsome boys!!

The shoes are awesome! Love the buckle. I'm not going to be in any cute shoes for a while. I'm having a tiny bit of foot problems right now. I think I overstretched my plantar fascia. I don't think that I have full on plantar fasciistis. Bart had it and was in tremendous pain. Mine is not that bad. I bought a pair of Oofos flip flops from the Run & Tri. They were really squishy and comfortable, but they have this big bulge in the arch area. I honestly think that they over stretched my fascia. I've never had a single foot problem before. Now every step is mildly painful. I wish that I could just spend about a month on a quiet island sipping cocktails with my feet propped up and being waited on hand a foot. I think I would recover nicely. Of course, I think that treatment would help us all out.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Becky! We may not be able to make it a month, but I think we could do a weekend of cocktails on a quiet island with our feet up! And maybe sewing machines in the next room if we felt like it...or knitting needles. You need a sewing weekend - I'm going to start checking dates! Any GCGSW-takers let me know of great or terrible weekends in the next couple of months. I think we'll call this GCGRW - Gulf Coast Girls' Recuperation Weekend, since Robbie's had issues too.....

BeckyW said...

That sounds wonderful. Let me know what works out. Sam is in the middle of soccer season. He has tournaments the weekend of Oct 8-9 in Pensacola, and Oct 22-23 in Fairhope and a robotics competition on Oct 29th. Those are the big things on my calendar.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

It's looking like December now....

Anonymous said...

OO, OO, OO robotics! So fun!!!! I understand what's going on there, but my grandchildren are still trying to convince me soccer has rules and the ref doesn't just blow the whistle when he wants to.

I looked at my calendar and the only thing I have is a family reunion Dec. 11.

I admire your athletic prowess! After the last 4 months, I don't even know if I can lift a gin and tonic. I would have to train!


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Oh, Robbie, we've got to get that drinking arm in shape again! I have the weekend of December 17th free, but I have to check Dean's schedule first before committing to that one. How does that one work for you guys, preliminarily-speaking?