Saturday, May 7, 2016

Plated and Mobile Yarn

So my sewing buddy Katrina very kindly offered me a free trial of Plated, which is like Stitch Fix, except with food. It's similar to Blue Apron, if you've seen those commercials. Well I was just blown away. Here's a peek in the box. Everything's packaged individually, then in larger bags so you'll know which dish it goes with, and there were 2 meals for this one.

The produce was fresh and clean, and they put any meat under ice packs.

Look at that cute little bottle of red wine - precious!

Dean and I fixed both meals together - I did the Beef Moussaka, which was fantastic...

and he did the little pizzas with spinach and tomatoes with a side of cheesy corn (forgot the official name). Delicious - Lucas ate 2 of the pizzas even though he hates tomatoes!

Now Katrina, what do you do with all the ice packs they send? I wish they'd give you a return label like Front Door Fashion so you could mail back the insulating material and ice packs - that'd be even greener than they already are. Thanks for sharing!

And now for some yard art.

The Meyer lemons abandoned us last year but for some reason there are a ton of them this year - good for lemonade in a couple of months.

And now, the piece de resistance: Mobile Yarn! My mom walked out of a hair appointment recently and noticed a sign for a yarn store - WHAT?! I've searched for 2 years for a local yarn store and only found Clara's Loom in Gulf Shores and one in Fairhope that's closing, and are you telling me there's been one right under my nose for the past 6 months? I immediately signed up for their emails and liked them on Facebook. When I got a chance, I popped in for a peek, but I was still under the weather, so only stayed a minute. I met Heidi the owner, who's also on Ravelry, and Ariel, who will hopefully be selling my boys a gift certificate for Mother's Day, since I shamelessly forwarded them an email with the address! Plenty of eye candy here....

Tons of yarn and lots of kits. And while I was at the lake a couple of weekends ago, I went over to Opelika just to buy a shawl pin for my green knitted cardi, only to find out they carry a TON of them here!

My pictures do them no justice, so check out the website or go by - they're open 7 days a week (!) and have lots of classes. I'm definitely doing a sock class as soon as my schedule allows...once I finish the black mesh sweater, of course, which is VERY close!

Off to take my Levaquin, prednisone, inhaled steroid, and cough syrup that are finally turning around the acute sinusitis that gave me fever for 4 days this past week. Apparently everybody on the Gulf Coast has been sick, so maybe it's not a fungus from the Tough Mudder - phew! Hope you stay well and have a great Mother's Day!


BeckyW said...

Interesting!! I've never heard of Plated. I've heard a lot about Blue Apron. They are sponsors of one of my favorite podcasts "Stuff You Missed In History Class" that gets me through my daily mundane tasks. I've wondered how the ingredients would be packaged. The dishes you made look delicious!

Your roses are gorgeous and I can't believe your lemons are so big. As soon as I saw your post, I had to run outside and check on my lemon tree. My lemons are about the size of a pencil eraser, but I have lots of them. They don't usually come in until late in the fall. I'm super excited. I have had two years of no lemons since the freeze.

I will definitely check out that yarn store. I used to crochet, but crochet is not as cool as knitting. I've never really got the hang of knitting. I think is is great that Mobile has an independent yarn store. Things are looking up.

Anonymous said...

Becky, I have never been able to knit, either, and I have decided that one expensive hobby is enough ;)

I've never heard of Plated either but it certainly looked yummy. I may have to try that.

Glad you are better.


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

They had tons of crochet stuff, including classes, and tatting, weaving, etc. I think Vanna White has brought back crochet, because my weekly Lion Brand yarn newsletter always has lots of cool crochet patterns.

Katrina also told me that Plated lets you print labels online so you can return the ice packs, etc., so that's good to hear.

Back to knitting!