Monday, April 25, 2016

Duran Duran Weekend!

But first, Lucas and I decided at the last minute to head up to my parent's lake cabin since Dean was having a men's golfing weekend (they don't sew or knit, so I guess golfing was an acceptable substitute), and Drew brought his girlfriend over from Auburn. The weather was nice enough for some boating, but too cold for swimming...I mean, I COULD have gone swimming because I can handle ice water, you know, but I CHOSE not to go swimming!

And Camille turns out to be a good poker player, so she taught us how to play Tripoly after dinner...

Which involves lots of coins if you don't have poker chips...which end up on the floor if you're playing on a picnic table and raking them in, of course.

So Lucas and I headed back home at sunrise Sunday so he could do homework and I could re-pack for New Orleans. Unfortunately, I was holding Drew's keys while he was on the Seadoo, and those came home with me - DOH! (Thanks Mimi and Jim, for taking Drew and Camille back to Auburn!) Don't worry, I overnighted the keys to him today, though he still has to go back and get his car at some point. See how I can mess up any nice little vacation? At any rate, I set my self-loathing aside for the Duran Duran concert. Here's the view from my room - nice!

And the hotel (Hyatt House next to the Superdome, by the way - great place!) had just opened a bar with food, so this is my dinner before the concert, along with a great view.

Now there was an opener for the opener called Bag Raiders, and they had cool funky music, so I'll remember to check them out sometime. Then Chic with Nile Rodgers played, and this is THE Chic who made Le Freak in the 70's - remember that one? Well, they let a bunch of people come up on stage for a disco party, and the first thing you'll notice is how most of the women have purses - so silly. But the second thing you should notice is the blonde to the left of Nile (black guy on microphone singing with guitar and long dreds). His background singer picked that woman out to come up, probably because of her implied dance talent given the hair and outfit. So later Simon Le Bon also picked her out and motioned for her to rush the stage, but Security wouldn't let her. (Note to self - dye hair very blond and wear short shorts for next concert...or just always buy a good seat.)

Are you ready for a million pictures of Simon Le Bon?! Because I was VERY CLOSE to him! The arena is pretty small and I was on row 5, so I actually made eye contact with the guitarist. Sadly, Simon didn't see me grinning and waving.

The lady next to me had seen them 4 times already (!) and knew that Simon had lost his voice the previous night, and you could definitely tell he was sicky-poo.

He was coughing between lines, and by the end he was expectorating (sorry, I don't have a better term) at the back of the stage - God bless him for still going!

Here's a sample of Hungry Like the Wolf. Ever see Whiplash? "Were you rushing, or dragging?" I think we have a little rushing here...

He was also doing signals with his backup singers about whether he'd sing certain lines or they should - poor fella!

Somebody behind me shouted, "Simon, are you okay?" He didn't answer back.

But he totally rocked otherwise - here's the new one, Pressure Off. I have to watch this multiple times because the film on the screen is entertaining too.

Complete with tons of confetti that sprayed from under the stage - nice!

Here's a pitiful attempt at a selfie.

And this was Save a Prayer dedicated to Prince as the encore...along with Rio, of course.

So overall a fantastic show other than Simon being sicky-poo, and I can die happy now that I was so close to them on stage without having to rush past Security and stand on chairs 10 rows back. Wish you could've been there, Tracey!


Junior said...

Aw, shucks! Hate I missed it but glad you got to go! Poor Simon....he needed some of The Recipe. 😉

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I haven't played Tripoly in YEARS!!! Looks like you had fun at the concert. Why weren't you on the stage you, Tough Mudder, you. Just wear your headband and gloves next time. Drew's girlfriend is cute and BTW, I've done the key thing, too.


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Yep, the recipe would've fixed him right up - God bless him!

Robbie, you've heard of that game? It came with the cabin and they'd never opened it - it was fun! I think they were looking more for scantily-dressed ladies than athletic superwomen, so the headband might've been off-putting...and glad I'm not alone in my Mad Cow-ness!

BeckyW said...

A lake cabin would be so nice. I think I would love a JetSki, but I've never tried one. Just sitting around playing card games and things can be so much fun with family.

The concert looked like too much fun.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Yep - when teenagers are happy to sit and play card games with you, you take advantage of it! And I can die happy now - did a Tough Mudder and saw Simon Le Bon up close, apparently, that I now am hoarse and coughing!

Anonymous said...

"Everybody" in Gulf Shores seems to be close as well.


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Well I heard there was a seasonal thing going around, but I may have inhaled a fungus ball from the Tough Mudder water! Started running fever on Thursday, went to Urgent Care on Saturday to see if it was the flu, wasn't, got a steroid shot, went to an ENT yesterday because my head began exploding when I'd bend over, stand up, cough, etc., and have an acute sinus infection. Fever of 101 last night, and now on inhaled/systemic/nasal steroids and a big-time antibiotic. I think I'll live today, so I'm not shutting the blog down yet, but not up for a posting about Plated just yet. Back to the couch. Was that TMI? And did I mention I'm on call this week? The mask scares the kids more than the coughing does, and every parent so far has been coughing themselves!