Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Arches National Park

So this is why Lucas looked so nervous yesterday - we were climbing "fins" in a Hummer, which entails going up and down what felt like 60-degree inclines, though they were probably only 45.

Today we hiked in Arches National Park, doing Fiery Furnace in the morning with a guide and an awesome group of 7 other people, none of whom were annoying or whiny. This is Fiery Furnace in the distance as we're driving in the park.

They mentioned that there would be a good bit of climbing and traversing cracks in the rock, but I wasn't expecting narrow ledges along big drop-offs! This was at the end of one of those. Note Lucas in a shallow crevice in the back.

Here he is up close.

This is Surprise Arch, which is why we came into this dead end.

The pictures don't do it any justice, but there are deep canyons with huge towering rocks...

and narrow cracks to get through - cool!

This was a cool tiny arch the guide had us crawl through if we liked - reminded me of doing a Tough Mudder without the mud.

This was a neat pic Dean got of Drew sitting on this arch. Only a few people were brave enough to climb up the rocks and walk out on it - I didn't make it.

And after a little nap and lunch at the hotel, we went back to the Windows area of Arches. This is a panoramic view of Double Arch - I didn't catch the other arch - doh! There's no way to convey how scary it was to climb up these rocks, then I had to lie on my back because I couldn't look up without feeling like I was falling.

And the selffie stick finally came into use today, despite everyone's shame at pulling it out. This is the back side of North and South Arch, known as "Spectacles" from the back.

Okay, time for bed. Tomorrow is rafting the Colorado for a half-day. And yes, I knitted all the way here, so I may get to wear the black mesh sweater by the end of the trip. I also downloaded a new project called Waves of Lace, but I can't even get the gauge swatch started correctly, so that'll take a little more study. The cool thing is that Heidi of Mobile Yarn was planning to knit it as well, so we're doing it in 2 different yarns and comparing results - cool!


Pam said...

So wonderful - I was at Arches 10 years ago and loved it but didn't explore as extensively as you all are doing! Fantastic on the knitting! I think I was eating Milky Ways on our drive out to California!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!! Dean's picture is incredible. And I know what you mean about the pictures not doing it justice. The pictures usually come out looking flat and "fake" but the real thing is breathtaking!


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Bahaha! The Milky Ways comment cracked me up. I never heard of this place till Dean mentioned it, and now I'm sorry we spent so many years going to Universal Studios when we could've been out here exploring. Robbie, you're right about pics, and we took tons then had to delete a bunch - we were all shooting the same thing.