Thursday, April 14, 2016

Official Tough Mudder Pictures!

Oh how sweet - we look like Little House on the Prairie! This is the Hero Carry, and Drew toted me down the hill, then Dean toted me back up. I didn't tote anybody because of the crick in my neck. Oh yeah, did I mention I did this with a crick in my neck? The only time it really hurt was when I jumped off a wall that was higher than I thought, didn't stick the landing, and was propelled forward onto all fours...luckily into nice soft sawdust, but still gave the neck a yank.

Funnest obstacle ever: Block Ness Monster. Hang on while it rotates and carries you over.

Oh wait, wasn't I supposed to sit up at the top and swing my legs around so I could land on my feet? (Yes, I crashed into the water with my mouth open and nearly choked to death, but when I surfaced, some guy standing nearby yelled, "Dude, that was AWESOME!")

Drew demonstrates proper technique.

And this would be Shock Therapy. Run as fast as you can through dangling wires with 10,000 volts of electricity. Drew assured me it wasn't the voltage that would kill you, it was the amps...because why would they kill paying customers?

After taking about 4 shocks and jumping haybales in ankle-deep mud, I went down...

And apparently took a shock to the head, thus the jutting tongue. I have no recollection of that.

That could explain the incessant jerking movements that have plagued me ever since. No, I'm just kidding about that. But I'm not kidding about THIS:

That's the back of my left leg, which I apparently threw over walls so violently that I sustained massive hematomas. (Note to self: Next time stop the aspirin one week prior to event.) I have bruises on both kneecaps, right hipbone (which makes sense if I was lying on that while throwing the left leg over), left lower rib, and right armpit. Too bad they don't have pictures from the walls or Everest, where you run up a quarter pipe and either leap or get pulled to safety - I chose the latter.

So enough about my late-in-life athleticism....let's talk about cooking. I cooked this last night:

Pioneer Woman Beef with Snow Peas - Asian flavored with sherry (I'll use less next time), soy sauce, brown sugar, and ginger. YUM! Not as good as the Orange Chicken, but much less work. So I'm recovering from Tough Mudder by having a busy call week, but what I'm REALLY looking forward to is the Duran Duran concert in New Orleans next Sunday!!!

Is anybody else going? Now if you're one of my sewing buddies, we can share a room, as Dean attended a Duran Duran concert with me in Pensacola years ago, and was NOT a fan. My sister and I rushed the stage for Save a Prayer at the end, and when we turned around to scout out our husbands, they were SITTING at the rear of the auditorium checking their watches. Anyway, let me know if you're interested, seriously! Did I mention that with every purchase, you get their latest Paper Gods CD mailed to you for free? I KNEW that might change your mind....


Anonymous said...

No Duran-Duran for me. The Hangout Music Festival is coming up so I have to pace myself. But I must say, I am awed by your perseverance and athleticism. I'm also impressed at Dean and Drew carrying you. It was truly a family effort.


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks, Robbie. I wanted to go to Hangoutfest so bad, but I'm on call. Will you please go see Florence and the Machine for me? Tell her I said hey, and I love her...but not as much as I love Duran Duran.

Junior said...

Painful picture of the leg..yowza! You should frame that one of Dean carrying you. Future grandchildren will get a kick out of that! Tell Duran Duran hello for me. 😄

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

I WILL frame that picture! And I'll pass on your love to DD when I see them. Did I mention I'm on row 5?!

BeckyW said...

That first picture is incredible!!! That should not only be your Christmas card photo, but also be blown up to hang over your fireplace! I love it!!

The bruises!! Oh my gosh the bruises! Wow! I am in awe of you running that race.

The Duran Duran concert sounds like so much fun. Wish I could go, but too much going on here to make it. We will need lots of photos.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks, Becky! They did take really nice pictures - we may have to do a collage on canvas! They seriously do offer canvas prints at a discount. Regarding Duran Duran, one of Dean's very normal friends from high school who lives in NYC recently did a FB post from a Duran Duran concert, and I'm talking about 5 pics and 3 video clips! So I know I'm not alone in my obsession....or lonely in my nightmare. (HA! Even through in a song reference!)

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Oh wow this is amazing!! I would love to do one but am so not brave enough.
Good for you. Well earned bruises ;) They are like trophy's lol

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Oh Ann, you could most definitely do this! The scariest part was jumping off the 15-foot platform to grab the T-bar, then falling into the water. And now they do "Tough Mudder Halfs", which are apparently just 5K's with fewer less-scary obstacles so people don't have to train as intensively....a good stepping-stone!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

I love running but one of these Mudder events will probably not happen for me :)
I first learned about Airport runs from you. Last year was the first year for an Airport run at our local airport, spots are very limited, and I was too late signing up.
However, this year I signed up as soon as it was announced. Just something different to do to get a 5k in and to support mental illness.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Hey, cool! I didn't realize it was a national thing - just thought they picked a cute name for our new Airbus company's 5K. That was my very first run. I also just heard about a Bad Prom 5K where you're supposed to wear something prom-ish and submit any funny prom pics to the store's FB page. Thought the store made it up, but I see now it's a national thing - neat!