Thursday, July 30, 2015

McCain and Trump

Went to pick Lucas up from his 3-week camp at Trinity University in San Antonio (yes, if you have deja vu, it's because Drew did this 5 years ago - here's the great train ride back after picking him up), and look who I ran into in the B-terminal! He was posing very kindly for pictures, and actually went and shook people's hands if he caught them snapping his pic. Nice guy!

Lucas was reluctant to leave his friends and asked that I come as late as possible to get him.

Very different from me...I called home at every opportunity begging to come back when they sent me to college camp at 11 years of age. Some older lady took to waiting for me in front of the hall phone so she could send me back to my room in tears, saying that I was upsetting my mother by crying every night. They gave it about 4 or 5 days before someone decided I could/should go home. I'm always so proud that my kids have never gotten homesick. That experience seriously traumatized me to the point where I had to switch an entire set of teachers in the 6th grade. Two schools came together that year, and none of my friends were in my classes, so I cried every day. One teacher made me move my desk into the hall since I was distracting the class, and I went home early every day the first week, except the day my mom was out of town and Papaw refused to come get me. About a week later they just moved me to the hall where all my friends were, and everything was fine...except for the stigma of being a crybaby. I was even terrified when I went to college that I'd be homesick again and not be able to stay - what weird emotional baggage!

Speaking of weird, this was in the bag of clothes Drew bought for college a couple of weeks ago, and given that we checked out in the Big 'n' Tall section, I have a feeling this was on the counter waiting for someone else. I decided that the fabric is so soft, I'll try fashioning it into Alabama Chanin style pajamas...if that's a thing.

And finally, in keeping with the title of the post, my precious Ivanka Trump Tenice pump arrived. The 10 was too large, but the 9.5 fit like a dream. I will be voting for Donald Trump for President simply because his daughter is so brilliant at her shoe collection. I am enamored with that woman and her shoes. Now if only she would make the edgy man-ish loafer I've been longing for...

A better picture with the tiny bow free...

Back to couching the 4th and final panel of my skirt, which will be worn with these beautiful shoes.


Sheila said...
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Sheila said...

Kids are so fickle and will have you looking at them like what.. don't know what to do... lol. I so remember those awkward moments with my daughter during her teenage years. With that size t-shirt you can make a cute summer dress... Oh' love the shoes.

Check out his link:

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Oh my gosh! Those are all so stinking cute - especially the one-shoulder styles! Thank you so much for that link - these will be much better than PJ's!