Monday, July 20, 2015

Downtown Polevaulting

So I read in Lagniappe about this polevaulting thing that I never heard of before. Apparently Mobile has been doing it for several years, and it's wildly popular with the track and field crowd, who long to break free of their boring stadiums and fly around balconies and traffic lights with a crowd of onlookers. See the guy in the sky?

Here's a guy running straight for us.

And after seeing Trainwreck (hilarious, but RAUNCHY!) at the Crescent, we found they were still going:

How fun is that?! They had hundreds of people from out of town participating - you go, Mobile!

In other news, God sent me a link for a new shoe last night. I got on the internet to log in to my hospital since I was on call, and a page from Nordstrom popped up from nowhere (okay, I know they spam you with ads, but why not have a peeky-poo?). I scrolled through the anniversary sale shoes till a heel from Ivanka Trump caught my eye (love her shoes), and would you believe one of the pictures was this:

Do you get the connection? It's a pointy toe with an ankle strap, which I love, but do you see her skirt? Can you picture it covered in couching? I mean it's the exact same color as mine! God knows I've been working on it all weekend, and He wanted me to have some beautiful shoes to wear with it when I finish - thank you, God! Does God talk to you like that, or am I just really lucky?

And one last thing. I realized today that I have handicapped my children, despite thinking that I raised them to be autonomous free-thinkers. Well, they are, but apparently they don't know how to shop. When I took Drew shopping for some new college clothes, he stuck to me like he was Jake following me around the house. I literally had to say, "Do you see anything you want to try on? Well, pick it up and go try it on!" That's kind of cute to me, because it shows how low-maintenance a woman I am, that I don't shop a lot. But today in the shoe store, he did the same thing. He liked 2 pairs of shoes and seemed frozen with indecision. I said, "Most people want to try a shoe on, and that will help them decide if they want it or not. Go ahead....try it on." I purposely stood back and waited. Do you know the kid could not get the plastic insert out of the shoe?!

It finally hit me that all these years of running in Shoe Station, asking what they like, then ordering them to sit down and rip off their socks while I unpack the shoes and hand them over, has handicapped them. He just could not figure out how to pull that thing out. I finally picked up the other shoe and demonstrated squeezing, lifting at the heel, and pulling backwards, THEN he was successful. So mothers of younger kids, remember there's more to being a grown-up than being able to make your own lunch and take a shower by yourself. You should really know how to unpack new shoes...although re-packing all that paraphernalia is optional, in my opinion.


Amy Bailes said...

I realized this past week that my children are seriously lacking in the know how to do things category. My 18 yo thought that as long as her bedroom & the kitchen were cleaned that the house was cleaned. Not so sweetie! Those toilets don't clean themselves.

BeckyW said...

The pole vaulting thing looks really fun. I guess that was a weekend thing. We should get out more. I love the Crescent. Seriously, we really should get out more.

I love those shoes in the photo. I should. I have those shoes. They are one of the few pair of heels on. mine are super comfortable.

The shoe thing is funny. My kids are so crippled with me doing absolutely everything for them. I don't know how they're gonna live in the world.

BeckyW said...

They are one of the few pair of heels that I own. I love to dictate with the microphone, but it gets me sometimes.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Amy, you just don't realize what they can't do sometimes! I made the 12-year-old start folding his clothes with me, and he couldn't handle the pants at all. Drew asked me in the store how to properly fold a shirt back up - little things we take for granted. (A toilet's a big one, though!)

Becky - shut UP! I LOVE those shoes - glad to hear they're comfortable! And we're always amazed when we go downtown at how neat it is and say we should go there more. We went to the Crescent twice in 3 days - I love summer time!