Saturday, January 10, 2015

Puzzles, Angelina Jolie, and George Strait

I'm having a really nice weekend before call starts on Monday, so I thought I'd share some things I've learned in the past 24 hours. Number one is, you should buy this puzzle - it's my new Mad Cow Antidote.

I bought it for Lucas at Books-a-Million for a stocking stuffer, and he showed absolutely no interest in it whatsoever....until I started putting it together myself this morning. Getting that first piece to fit created an addiction, and as soon as I told him to take a look, he was hooked. The two of us finished it in a couple of hours, and I'm heading back to get some more this evening. Once you get the hang of 3D puzzle pieces, it goes a little quicker, and this one even has a working key and lid - brilliant!

Another thing I learned was that Unbroken may be a great book I need to read, but they were lying when they said the movie was great. And I guess only the studio was lying, because after we saw it, Dean told me the reviews weren't great. Sure enough, they all said Angelina Jolie was "a skillful director," but the movie stunk. There was almost zero emotion in it. I'm telling you that I didn't even tear up in this movie once. You may say, what does that prove?

Well, can I tell you that at lunch today, George Strait's "Love Without End Amen" came on and attacked me. I don't know that I've ever heard it before, but I instantly started crying. (Very embarrassing to be dabbing your eyes and wiping your nose in the middle of a restaurant, but the boys got a kick out of it.) Now with sensitivity like that, any emotional scene in a movie will get me going, but there was not a drop in Unbroken. Drew says it's because we don't get to know any of the characters, and I totally agree. No offense if you saw it and loved it, I just think I need to read the book.

Alrighty, just wanted to get that off my chest. Off to buy some more puzzles, and hopefully I'll also break out the sewing machine tonight to stitch up that knitted shrug that cost me my circular bamboos on the airplane. My goal will be to show you that tomorrow. Have a great Saturday night!

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