Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pretty Bird!

But first, the shrug. I upsized it length-wise to make it longer, and I finally understood the button band, so it actually looks like the model picture. This is how I seamed it - under the machine with a narrow zig-zag.

From the back, it now comes down just past my waist.

The sleeves are a little large for me, and I'm going to stretch them longer when I block it, but this is much better-looking than my first attempt.

And now to the most interesting thing! This is what I started with last night:

Here are the pieces laid out...

And since I could barely see anything without bright sunlight, I waited till this morning. The boys both took turns working on it - it's fun!

So precious. Lucas said he could see me as a crazy old lady sitting alone working on these things.

But I won't be alone, because Tracey, I bought one for you, too! (It's called Cat and Kitten - you'll love it!)


Junior said...

Oh the bird IS pretty! That does look fun! We've only done regular jigsaw puzzles.....have never tried a 3D one. I like the photo bomb by Lucas!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Great - your's should be there Wednesday! I'm going to need pictures to post...