Sunday, January 4, 2015

Commencing Travel Blog

So of course there's been about zero sewing the past few months, but I do have that knitted shrug finished except for seaming....which I want to do on the sewing machine - DOH! I'll show you that this week hopefully. What I'd like to talk about today is traveling, specifically flying. This would be a picture of the plane we had to disembark from due to being diverted for weather. I'm taking the picture from the bus we were put on for the 2.5 hour drive to our intended airport - bleh.

This was the beginning of our Planes, Trains, and Automobiles adventure.

Drew summed it up nicely: "We were diverted, delayed, cancelled, and our bags didn't make it." Everything that could go wrong did, but we're all nice and healthy, so I consider it more of an adventure than adversity. Now here's a funny story on the aforementioned plane. The flight attendants (I typed stewardesses first, and even said that on the plane - DOH!) made an announcement shortly after takeoff that they were having an emergency and needed any medical personnel to ring their buttons. Dean and I dutifully put down our wine and rang our bells. A few minutes later they made an announcement for everybody to stay seated (so we didn't get up to investigate) and they needed to trade the victim out of the exit row for another forward row. We picked up our wine again.

A little while later the head flight attendant came by, and Dean mentioned we had rung our bells because we were doctors, but didn't need anything. She immediately said she'd like one of us to come talk to the victim if possible, since an orthodontist was the closest thing they had at this point. The victim had apparently been very sweaty and gripping his armrests so hard they couldn't remove his hands, with his eyes rolling back in his head. He seemed very disoriented and wouldn't tell her his full name or age, but did say he'd taken a diuretic to prevent altitude sickness. Dean volunteered me to go, and when she and I approached the guy, he muttered "bitch." She introduced me, and you could tell this guy was PISSED off, so I said, "Apparently they think you had a seizure or something, so they just wanted me to check you out." He immediately said his best buddy was a cardiologist and the head of our national organization, and dropped a hospital name that I didn't recognize, so I could tell he was doubting my credentials. The stranger sitting next to him vouched for me since he was from Mobile, even though he had no idea who I was. The guy across the aisle offered to trade seats with me so I could sit and talk to the guy, but I told him I left my husband and my wine there, and tried to lighten things up a little bit....while implying that I hadn't DRUNK the wine yet....ooh, this was a fine line to walk!

So the "patient" tells me that it's very embarrassing, but he'd been watching a video about what terrorists do to Americans, and it made him very upset and sick. He asked me if I knew what they did, and then said he didn't want to talk about it. It was a very weird conversation, but he obviously wasn't physically sick, so I told him to call me if he needed CPR....see that little cardiology humor?

So then the stewardess asks me to talk to the co-pilot and tell them whether we should land or keep going. They gave me the very special phone, but when I said "Hello," I got an echo back. I asked them how to operate the phone, then I realized the co-pilot was a woman! How sexist am I, that I think a woman saying hello back to me is just my own echo - very self-illuminating. (Wouldn't it be funny if she thought she was hearing an echo too, since she'd expected the doctor to be a man - hilarious!)

Now what I learned from that interaction and overhearing more of the stewardesses' conversations is that they are like policemen, to be treated with the utmost respect and deference. They have total control. That guy could've avoided the whole scene if he'd just cooperated with her. They also were talking about a family with 3 little blonde girls, and said, "that is Dad, but that is definitely not Mom. Their Mom has to be blonde. And she's drunk - she's had 3 drinks so far. She hasn't passed out yet, though...." Flight attendants are watching us like hawks, people, so mind your manners.

Now we'll take a little break for some shots of Snowmass, Colorado. They do really nice lights in most of the trees.

Gondola-selfie! Should've waited till we were way high up for a better background.

Lucas said he looked like a "juggernaut" with his snowmobiling helmet on, and I thought that was either a misuse of the word or terribly clever, but apparently it's a character from some video game.

Those are the Maroon Bells in the background, apparently the most-photographed mountains in North America according to the guidebook - cool! (I feel stupid that I didn't recognize them.)

And finally, the tiny little 8-lane bowling alley that opened in Snowmass last year - how quaint! This was a great thing to do after you're done skiing and don't want to sit around watching football all afternoon (not that there's anything wrong with that).

One last story about flying with your knitting. I finished the shrug and removed the circular bamboo needles I'd been using, but just put them on my lap while I secured the last stitch. They promptly slid off my lap and went between my window seat and the wall of the airplane. Well, someone brilliantly designed a gap between the wall and a large metal plate, and when I tried to retrieve them from there, they disappeared from view, supposedly sliding right down to the underbelly of the plane. Dean said if the landing gear didn't come down, it was all my fault. Let's imagine the mechanic's face when he finds them, and pray right now that nothing ever happens to that plane. I do not want to be responsible for the banning of knitting needles on future flights.

Thanks for reading - perhaps I'll get back to sewing soon!


Junior said...

Wow, what a freaky adventure!

Pam said...

That is a very strange flight -- I'm so sorry -- I glad no one asks me for temporary restraining orders, or such -- oh, the duties of the physician! I had to fly back East on a personal family emergency and it's really the other passengers that make the flying experience less than pleasurable. I'm glad you are having an adventure - I have hardly gotten any sewing done myself!

BeckyW said...

You do sound like you've had quite an adventure. Love you photos from the trip on this blog entry and the other one. Looked like you all had lots of fun.

We don't have a lot of good luck flying either. Seems like we've had some huge delay or issue on each of our family trips. I think it gives the kids a sense of what their dad goes through. He travels a lot for work.

Sounds like your in-flight patient was a piece of work.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

And I didn't even mention spending the night at the airport hotel with just complimentary toothbrushes! (Yes, Mother, I forgot the one change of clothes in the carryon rule.)

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

But I bet you're knitting - right?! That saved my sanity - restraining orders - HA!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Yep, always something with flying - I'd hate to do it for anything other than personal enjoyment! 😜

BeckyW said...

We did the toothbrush only overnight coming back from Europe this year. Not fun.

Anonymous said...

I"m sorry, I"m LMAO. I've had a couple mis-adventures while traveling. Never had to talk anyone down from a panic attack but I did have to repair my seat and seat belt one time. I didn't want to change flights.


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

And Becky, the complimentary toothbrushes are the cheapest little things possible - they're almost cardboard!

Robbie, leave it to an engineer to have to fix her own seat!