Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cover Stitch Decisions

I'm lucky enough to have 2 dealers in town who carry cover stitch machines, so I went to All About Sewing to test drive the Janome 1000CPX, now on sale for $499, then I went to America Sew and Vac to see the Baby Lock. (No, I will not provide a link to AS&V.) The Janome was similar to the Brother I tried last weekend, and this version has 3-needle capability, as opposed to the 900 model which only had 2 needles. It also has an automatic tension loosener when you raise the presser foot, which the Brother didn't have - you pushed two buttons at the top to do that. I could do that fine with no big deal, but I'd also have to order the Brother on-line, and with the Janome, I have the luxury of taking it right in for service or questions.

Next, I went to AS&V, where I used to have my Brother sewing machine serviced, till the owner gave me the creeps and put a hard sale on me for an embroidery machine I told him I didn't want. I had gone in straight from work wearing scrubs, and he asked me if I was a nurse. When I told him (cringing the whole time) that I was a doctor, he said I could afford the top-of-the-line embroidery machines he was pushing, and argued with me for 10 minutes about why I needed one. I haven't darkened his door again till now...and I'm sorry I did. He showed me the Baby Lock Evolution, which is the combo serger/cover, so I asked about the stand alone cover stitch that Baby Lock makes. He says, "There's no such thing." (Huh?) He goes on about how it's a "cover and chain stitch" machine, there's no such thing as a stand alone cover stitch machine. (Well alright, sir, you have proven I'm an idiot.) I mention that I tried a Brother cover stitch machine, whereupon he tells me that Brother does not MAKE one. The only ones who make them are Janome, Baby Lock, Bernina, and Elna. My mouth must've dropped open, but I wanted to see what else he would lie about, so I let him keep talking. He told me the Evolution in front of me cost $1100, and that the BL cover and chain machine was a little less than that, but was a very slow seller and not popular at all, so I should go for the Evolution. Then he traded off to the other lady in the store, who might be his daughter or some other relative. After he walked off, I asked her how much the Evolution was - somewhere around $2300! How does this man stay in business?

I let her do her spiel and give me some brochures, and I tried to keep an open mind about the machine, but he just spoiled it for me. I've checked out the posts Debbie Cook wrote about the different machines that Becky pointed me to, and I've checked out Pattern Review too, and I don't think I can go wrong with any of them. Given that it's at my local dealer, it's on sale, and Deepika at PR bought one, I'm going with the Janome. (Didn't that feel like House Hunters on HGTV where the couple sits down and discusses which of the 3 houses they want?) WHEW - that feels like a weight off my shoulders now!

In other news, check out this monster spider in our backyard. Is that a banana spider? He tried to sabotage the chicken legs Drew and I were grilling, but Dean came out and ran interference for us.

And it was Lucas's 11th birthday, but this one was a lot different than the year we gave him a sewing machine - remember that? He's a big boy in the Boy Scouts now, so we gave him some camping gear, including a Buck knife, that was the big hit.

Have a great weekend!


Pam said...

Hi -- that is a horrendous story! Really awful about the Babylock. We tried it here at the ASG show in DC -- they were offering it for 2900 (with apparently a 1000.00 kit). I can get it for 2400 in LA. . .so 2300 is apparently a good price -- but I do think for something like that the dealer is important.

It does sound like a stand alone machine is the right thing! I hope you come to a good decision. And, wow! The nurse comment. Where did the old man come from? The stone ages. He apparently needs to get back on his medication:)

Anonymous said...

I went to that store once to get my Evolve serviced. I didn't see the old man, just the younger woman. She showed me the Evolution (newer than the Evolve) and pointed out the differences (at my request). Then she told me I didn't really need a new machine, mine worked great. Sounds like a creepy old guy! (I thought Brother made the Babylocks?)

When I talk to someone in scrubs that I don't know, I usually ask them if they are a "physician". I've been asked if I was a secretary a million times. I try not to take offense, but sometimes it's hard! Have fun with your new machine!!!


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Pam - heehee, medication!

Robbie, the girl was very sweet and did tell me they give you free classes on how to use the machine, and they sell a book made by the manufacturer that takes you through different projects you can do with the machine - they teach that as a class too. And yes, I thought Brother was the parent of Baby Lock. I'm not sure why he said Brother didn't make coverstitches, since Becky HAS one, but I'm sure it's the way I worded it or something.

BeckyW said...

So glad you found your coverstitch machine!! I know you will love it. Sue does great classes. I learned the most ever in Sue's machine mastery class when I bought my Janome sewing machine.

I've had similar experiences at AS&V.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thanks for all the info you gave me, Becky! Let us know when you put up pictures of your green skirt (or is it still waiting for buttons?).

BeckyW said...

I found buttons on eBay. I finished sewing them on yesterday. I also finished Jessica's shorts yesterday and knit top. Thinking the top is a wadder. I'm trying to make up my mind about it. I'll try to take photos later today and get up on pattern review.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Boo on the wadder! Glad you found some buttons - I'm going to Britex this week in SF, so let me know if you want me to grab a certain color for a future project while I'm there.

BeckyW said...

Thanks. You're sweet. I am drawing a blank on what I'm sewing next. I need to get into my pile of Mood fabrics from my LA trip over a year ago.