Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Busy Week!

Don't you hate a busy call week? I took so many phone calls at the hospital and the office on Monday that I felt like Lloyd Bridges in Airplane. Remember that awesome scene where everything's happening at once and he has to make all the decisions?

He walks through the office and people keep coming up to him, and he tells them what to do really fast without letting them talk. Then he picks up the phone (it's his wife) and without listening, says, "I want the kids in bed by 9 and lock the gate." That's how I was rolling on Monday - it was awesome.

Except that it hasn't slowed down that much, and my sewing is suffering (I know, you gotta have your priorities in order!). Now my KNITTING, on the other hand, is doing okay, because there's always time for that before bed. My blue knitted T-shirt is almost finished - just need one more cap sleeve and then I'll sew it together. (I told Dean I was knitting a T-shirt, and he said, "Why isn't it a sweater?" I said, "Because it has tiny sleeves." He says, "Then it's just a sleeveless sweater. The opposite of that thing you knitted that was nothing but sleeves.")

I did take about 15 minutes one night to finish the waistband of my Betzina princess pants, and last night I ironed the hem, so that just needs to be stitched. Hopefully there'll be a totally handmade outfit to show by this weekend - blue T-shirt sweater and khaki pants - woohoo!

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