Tuesday, February 19, 2013

That Cool Map Thing!

I'm copying from Kadiddlehopper here, well really from Another Sewing Scientist, who started a map of us sewing bloggers, or blogging sewers - wait, that sounds like something that needs a plumber. Look how cool it is at this link (because I have no idea how she imported a picture of the map - when I right click to save the image it acts like a map). I pinned myself already - had to log in at the top right with my Google account, and don't forget to click done at the top left when you're finished. I've already found a Japanese blogger (so important when planning fabric shopping there in May), plus another lady nearby who thought she was pinning Dallas - oops!

It would be fun to get together with someone at a workshop in the area, but the biggest use I see right now is having their blog link to communicate with them, like asking where the best fabric stores are, etc. Anyway, that killed 30 minutes of perusing pins just now, so I'll sign off. Hope to see you on the map!

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Pam said...

That is fantastic! I love it and just pinned as well!