Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Last of My Mardi Gras Pics

This is self-explanatory. If a lady with a see-through tutu is following Elvis, you're in the Quarter.
This group paraded around the tables and down on the floor with a drummer and shook everything they had, which was not covered by very much. This lady had on the most conservative outfit; the rest wore thongs and bikini tops - go girls!
My outfit was not nearly as exciting.
This is a new float with 9 sections, longer than a football field, representing Pontchartrain Beach amusement park - didn't get a great picture but you get an idea how long it is in the Superdome.
And finally, the requisite shaky video ending when I get hit with beads. This is the Dracula float and Dean is the fourth guy behind Dracula dancing there near the end. They had already run out of beads to throw because of a record crowd, but you get an idea of how awesome it is to watch a parade while a band plays in the Superdome.

We now return to our previously scheduled knitting.

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