Thursday, January 3, 2013

3-Hour Muslin, 5-Month Muscle

You will not believe, especially if you know my current knitting obsession, that I researched leggings for Pure Barre yesterday and came up with McCall's 6173, pictured below (which honestly makes me think more of Pretty Woman than Pure Barre).
Further, I purchased this pattern at 2 PM and took these pictures at 5:15 PM. And that includes an elastic waistband and hemming, people...though I will spare you pictures of the waistband and accompanying muffin top..which covers my washboard abs (trust me).
A tiny bit of crotch wrinkles we will ignore, since I cut a Medium then used the serger to make this an Extra-small after it was all put together, hee-hee.
See, this fits just fine!
Jake is amazed at the fact that when I stand with my ankles together, nothing touches above them. (Thus making it difficult for me to follow the PB instructor's orders to "zip those legs up!") I've resigned myself to the fact that it's genetically impossible for me to build up enough muscle to fill my boots.

But there's always this!

Yeah, see, I marked it with red and you'll have to zoom on the picture to see it, but I am now the proud owner of a visible hamstring muscle!

Now this fabric was a cheap piece of nylon lycra from Fabrics by the Pound in Summerdale which appeared navy blue, but when I laid it out today, I discovered it used to be black and apparently faded to blue in certain sections. The cool thing is that the left leg is blue and the right leg is black, so it's a harlequin effect, but I don't think the ladies at PB will recognize the coolness of that, so this shall only be worn at home. (Though Dean came in and said, "Oh, did you go work out today?" Which means he was not surprised that I wore these in public, which is a good sign.)


marysews said...

Looks good enough to wear out in public. If anyone comments on the color, it's just an accidental design element. Got that?

I have this pattern, and plan to (eventually) make me some workout leggings.

Pam said...

I love it and your sewing mojo - Wow! That was fast and they do look fantastico!!

RobbieK said...

I think they look great and show off your new hamstring muscle very nicely.

Sheila said...

The leggings look great to me.
Over the holiday I managed to make 7 of 6173. Yes 7, using the one pattern piece, my sister ended up with 2 and my daughter was suppose to get 2, but.. ummm I've since worn I need to make her some before she visits.

Check out this tutorial for M6173:

Sister said...

Got it, Mary - design element - sounds good!

Pam, when that mojo shows up, it's powerful!

Robbie, my anemic little hamstring says thank you! Are you in Birmingham now?

Sheila, now where is your review or any pics of 6173? There's no mention on your blog of this - I need some styling ideas in case I make a pair to wear with a skirt or boots or something...

RobbieK said...

Got here yesterday.....