Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cotton Dishrag!

This is unblocked obviously, but look how yummy!

I got white cotton thread...I mean Hancock and knitted this dishcloth using this pattern linked by Pammie. It's easy when you get the hang of it; the only hard part is remembering what you were doing if you're talking to someone (yes, I had to rip out row after row over the holidays).
Dean said it was too pretty to use at the sink, but I got it wet and WRUNG it out and it wiped the counter just fine.

I washed it in warm and remeasured it to check for shrinkage, and it only shrunk a smidge in one direction, but it stretched back out fine.

I really want to do something more with a tankini...obviously with a lining underneath. No, maybe a sweater, or a short sleeveless's just so pretty knitted up!

Oh, and The Yarn Cottage in Fairhope is having a semi-annual sale on all yarn tomorrow, so I may drive over and check that out...since I got 2 new knitting magazines from Lucas for Christmas, plus a new book from my mom that has several sweaters I'm going to try (yeah, like I have time to knit several sweaters before the heat returns). This is the book - I snagged a pic from Amazon. Anybody knit anything from this yet?

Okay, back to work on the current sweater - I'm halfway through the front of the beige sweater I started before Christmas. OH, but I had a Lucas-ism from last night to share - WARNING: Graphic Language.

We were driving home and he said, "Dad, if you pass a kidney stone, does it come out your butt or your penis?" I laughed out loud, but I was proud of his proper terminology...sort of.


Pam said...

Thanks for the shout out!

I too think the dishcloth is fabulous And, I've bleached mine with no problem!

I made one to take to my office (it will dry nicely instead of a sponge)...

Great job - and I agree - everyone time I knit one - I think - this would make a great sweater!

gwensews said...

Making dishcloths are a great way to try out patterns and have something usable. I always have a stack of them. Kids still and always will, say the darndest things!

Sister said...

Bleaching it - didn't think about that - that'll be the next test...

And Gwen, good idea! I've wondered how to try all the cool patterns in my knitting book without making a sweater or something, so I'll try it!