Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Colonial Christmas

While we wait for the holidays to unfold so I can finally show you all my homemade gifts, here's what Lucas wore to Colonial Christmas at school. The jacket is actually a Simplicity creation I started in 1995 for myself. I think that's when the oversize men's jacket with blue jeans (and Keds, ha!) was really in. I even had lined pockets, but I just never got past the interfacing of the collar. At least I saved it so my kids could wear it a la George Washington's waistcoat, which I made by cutting away the front sides. (These kids don't need no finished edges!) To complete the look, I was brilliant enough to pink some T-shirt strips and sew them to the front of the cut-up T-shirt for that frilly ascot look.

I asked Lucas to give me a colonial pose. Drew pointed out to him that he curtsied.

He immediately attempted a more masculine bow....I guess.


Junior said...

how clever!

RobbieK said...

Hope you guys survived the Mobile tornado OK.