Sunday, December 2, 2012

ADHD Knitting

So I can't show you my sister's gift, but it's still at that previous link. I re-seamed it and it's all done. Then I started on my nephew's Gamecocks hat, but I haven't taken any pictures of that yet. And I also finished the back of my alpaca sweater! (Hope these unexpected stripes don't make my hips look big!)

So I cast on the front, then I took a break to work on the hat, then I took a break to do more Rosetta Stone. For future Rosetta Stone users, it's fantastic, but you kinda have to Google some stuff. Like the picture of a nice family has the word ryoushin, and another similar picture has the word kazoku, so I'm thinking there are 2 words for family. Well kazoku means family, but ryoushin means parents. Kinda hard to figure that out from one picture. Still fabulous, though. Back to knitting...

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