Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Post Before Christmas

Well, this first picture came out too bright so I messed with all kinds of settings to let you see the miracle of the jack-o-lantern face on this Thanksgiving carrot. It came out of the bag like this. Sadly, it didn't make the news.

And here's my sister, Junior, modeling her new jacket - it fits great except for the sleeves being a little long. I offered to make the lilac camouflage one for her with shorter sleeves, but she respectfully declined. Is that a statement on my choice of fabric? Hmmm.....

And I'm 2 lectures and 1 den meeting down, but still have the big pack meeting and karate party to go, plus the trip to NYC. Naturally, the MIL pants and other 2 fleece jackets did not get made yet. I DID actually measure and trace out the pattern for the MIL pants, though - baby steps!

And oddly, I'm having a very cry-ish holiday season so far. Last night the boys and I made hot chocolate and settled in to watch It's a Wonderful Life, and I teared up remembering the first time I saw it when I was about 8 or 9. I remember my whole family piling up in my parents' bed and my dad explaining it to us (at 404 for Jester and Junior). And today, Little Drummer Boy came on the radio, so I turned it up because Lucas wasn't familiar with it (is that a sign of a bad parent, or just a sign of modern times?), and I started tearing up again.

I thought you were supposed to get depressed AFTER the holidays. Well, looks like I'm ahead of schedule for once - merry Christmas everybody!


Junior said...

oh gosh! I teared up last night watching the end of It's a Wonderful Life! Remember when George and Clarence are in that room getting warm after being in the cold water and that attendant guy making funny faces as Clarence is explaining to George that he's his guardian angel.....I remember Daddy getting tickled at Clarence & that guy's reaction during that scene. Makes me chuckle. Now Drummer Boy.....that brings back memories of the player piano belting that out at 404 and 614 and it use to scare me because the piano roll was kinda worn out. I still think of that everytime I hear it. Jester needs to get that song out & play for Lucas!

sewistafashionista said...

Love the carrot! Growing up we grew our own on the farm and sometimes you would dig them up and two would be sealed together looking like aliens.
I am kind of sad this Christmas season too. I think the winter cold has come early to Ohio and it has gotten me down.