Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just Too Darn Busy!

Man, I haven't been able to blog or read any of y'all's stuff (for our non-southerners, that's the possessive of y'all - the plural is "all y'all") because it's just been too darn busy around here. There were a couple more lectures, a Cub Scout pack meeting with an actual police officer who talked about "crackheads" and showed the boys his Taser (then mentioned Tasering "private parts" if you're resisting arrest). That was our best meeting yet!

Oh, and there was a meeting in Phoenix, AZ. I would've asked Auntninn from Living the Spacious Life
for recommendations on a good fabric store, but this was all I saw of Arizona.

Yes, this is from inside the cab.

Beautiful landscaping at the airport! The city looks real nice from the interstate, but my meeting was 10 hours every day so I didn't see much of it. I DID go with 3 colleagues to Scottsdale for dinner at Cowboy Ciao, which I highly recommend.

And my coat WON over at!!! Well, every coat won, technically, but that's beside the point. I get to try out 2 of Sandra's online lessons for free - woohoo!

Anyway, I hope to finish 2 more fleeces and a pair of pants for my MIL from the Kwik Sew book, so we'll see if that gets done by Christmas. Because did I mention there are 2 more lectures, another pack meeting plus a den meeting, and a trip to New York City all crammed in there?


KID, MD said...

Whew! You are busy!! You need a sewing break...

Congrats on winning! Enjoy your Power Sewing lessons. I can't wait to hear about them.

Junior said...

Hooray on the coat winning! Congrats!

RobbieK said...

Which Kwik Sew book are you using??

Sister said...

Robbie - Easy Sewing the Kwisk Sew Way - here's a link to it on PR:

It's got an envelope in the back with all the basic patterns - you have to trace them - yuck! Thought I'd give those a try - the pants got reviewed on PR and seemed easy.

sewistafashionista said...

The Sandra Betzina lessons sound great! Congratulations!