Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

This is my neighbor just before his big recital. No, it was just Halloween, but you see I'm not the oddest one in the neighborhood. (You see that, right?)

And a HUGE shout-out to my shoe idol, Sheila, who recommended the Nine West Nuncio to me for pointy-toed bliss. Check out her website, but don't jump out of your chair - she's much more sophisticated than I am and has music on her blog. I love that woman! Sheila, the shoes are divine - wore them to my anniversary dinner last night and they were soooo comfortable and soooo hot! They're SUEDE!

And the fleece jacket is almost finished, Junior, but look at this tragedy. Please note the shiny tip of a needle amid the seamline I'm holding. I broke a needle for the first time in my life - pulled too hard to get it over a thick seam while applying the zipper. At least the machine was fine.

Here's what it looks like zipped - my seams are even! My seams are even! Drew has requested one for himself in blue, and my neighbor (not the ballerina) thought it was a North Face jacket at first glance (probably not at second glance) - could there be a better compliment? I just have sleeve cuffs and collar to finish.

Lastly, in Books a Million tonight I saw the strangest display.

Am I the only one who finds it odd that Justin Bieber is under "Kids' Education" right above Anne Frank and Abraham Lincoln? And I know my sister will be incensed that the Today show is doing a special with Lindsay Lohan's mother tomorrow morning. What up, America?


Pammie said...

I love love the jacket! I wish I could pick up your technique for Polar Fleece - fantastic result!

P.S. I was a needle breaking crazy woman a year ago before going to my machine class

Kitschy Coo said...

I'm impressed that you've only broken one needle! Quite a common occurence in this house, but I'm often making incredibly thick things :) Jacket looks fab!

KID, MD said...

I cannot believe this is only your first broken needle! If a week goes by that I don't break one... I even managed to break the head off of a serger blade once, and I don't even own a serger.

The jacket looks amazing, and your seam matching is impeccable. Totally North Face!

sewistafashionista said...

The suede shoes are very hot! When you break a needle the heart does got to pounding a little because you fear for your machine, but most often it is alright. Your fleece jacket looks great! I like the left side chest pocket.

Sheila said...

Thank you for the Awesome Shout-Out and the shoes look great on you.

The Jacket is Fierce I tell you, love the colors, the style and did I say I love your

Your neighbor is a hoot....haha

Junior said...

okay I pulled up this blog entry while eating lunch....bad move because I almost spit everywhere when I saw the ballerina dude! Too funny! The jacket looks wonderful....very professional! Parker wants one too now. Love the shoes...I might have to start wearing heels! And yes, I'm NOT happy about Lindsay's mom being on TODAY....must be a slow news day.

marysews said...

I thought the nine west nuncio sounded familiar. Here's my daughter's talking about them here:

Sister said...

Well look-a-there - the Nuncio is wildly popular, Mary! Is that your daughter's company? It was a better price!

Thank y'all for the comments - and Pammie, there's no technique to pick up - fleece is easy-peasy. Plus you've got me beat as far as actual training goes!

My biggest problem now is ravelling of the nylon stuff - I'm going to try some fabric glue (Seam something - Mad Cow is at work again!). Any suggestions are welcome (how about a better seam finish?).

RobbieK said...

You can try using a wood cutting tool to seal the edges. But be careful, they are HOT! Fray Check is good, kinda expensive though. Or, you could zig zag around it immediately after you cut. The jacket looks wonderful!!