Thursday, October 21, 2010

We'll Call This Done

Well, I'm feeling a little homemade in these pictures, but the afternoon sun is very harsh and hopefully the room will be darker. I also need to iron it a little more.

I think the main problem is that it's just too big. The black one was really big and I took in huge seam allowances, but I was scared to cut a smaller one since the fabric was different (shantung vs jacquard) and other reviewers had different results following muslins.

The shoulder seams kind of float over me unless I pull them out away from my neck, and I do plan to double tape my bra straps to the dress - pardon me for the exposure! If I had another week, I'd tweak the fit of the back a little more, but I'm so tired of taking darts in that I'm calling it quits.

I'm also opting for the "sensible" black heels that are a little lower and squared off instead of pointy - I'm apparently the only one in love with pointy shoes these days. These are definitely more comfortable. And I guess overall this came out okay - let's not forget that it could've turned out as bad as this!


KID, MD said...

I think it looks great!! A gentle steam might help with the wrinkling, without making it look too stiff.

Kitschy Coo said...

It looks fabulous, what a great colour on you! And I don't think anybody will notice the fitting issues you mentioned, you look lovely :)

Sheila said...

The dress looks great on you and also a fan of pointy toe shoes. I love Nine West Nuncio shoes.

Sister said...

Thank you Katie and Amanda for the encouragement! And Sheila, you have truly done me a solid - or maybe you opened a can of worms. I just googled those shoes and I HAVE to have a pair NOW! I've never seen these in the Nine West store, so I may have to order them online - you are my shoe idol!

Junior said...

well it looks awesome on the modeling poses!