Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jake Hates Halloween

More power to you people out there sewing up Halloween costumes! I prefer to buy mine, and if we can recycle something from a previous year, all the better! We currently own 3 pair of black pants (Ninjas and vampire), 2 black capes (vampire and Darth Vader), a couple of creepy robes (ghouls) and multiple black tops with multiple colored sashes (Ninjas). (Do you need any sort of Ninja weapon? We have it!)

This is what I bought for the dog last year, but he refused to wear it. Here is Lucas "encouraging" him to give it another shot. What is he supposed to be? A smart blonde! Get it?

Here is how he prefers to wear it - I'm guessing he wants to be a young Santa Claus?

And just for fun, here he is in some others. I think the Jimmy Ruff-et was his favorite (I just made that up - it's a gift from God, people).

But Cap'n Jack Labrador didn't go over too well.

Happy Halloween if I don't see you before then!


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Happy Halloween!

sewistafashionista said...

Happy Halloween to you and yours! And I think you should let the dog wear the wig however he wants to. It is Halloween and the wig on the chin is just a stitch! LOL :)

Junior said...

Happy Halloween! Gotta love that Jake!