Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Robot Movies and Boring Trip Photos

We got on the topic of how you would freeze in outer space and Lucas said, "I guess I've just always thought that outer space is room temperature."

I let him watch 2001 A Space Odyssey after he read about HAL in a robot book from the library. If you've ever seen 2001, you can imagine that I skipped long parts of it...the apes at the beginning, the part in the middle discussing the monolith on the moon; but I didn't skip the psychedelic ending - he sat through that whole thing while I was on the phone. At the end, when the giant baby made its appearance (pardon me, the "StarChild"), he looked at me and said, "I don't get it! What was that whole thing in the room?!"

That robot book also mentioned Westworld - one of my favorites! (They actually had a picture of Yul Brynner in the book - I'm questioning the educational value of this book.) But he has to wait a few years to see that one - remember when the robots go crazy they start killing the resort guests - a little gruesome for an 8-yr-old.

And just to make sure you sleep well tonight, here are some pics of Fort Morgan near Gulf Shores.

We live so close and have never taken the kids there - they were mightily impressed. (This reminds me of Kitschy Coo's pictures of a castle in Edinburgh...yeah, okay, it's not so much like a castle, but an interesting stone structure with pretty grass around it?)

The little museum there has the coolest photos and letters - we spent several hours touring the whole thing.

This moat (I forgot the official term) is the coolest part to me.

Well, no, maybe this view of Mobile Bay and nearby Dauphin Island was really the coolest. There was a traffic jam of boats out here - oil spill business I guess? Alright, finish your glass of wine and go to bed - I'll put away the slide projector and lock up after myself.


Pammie said...

Super cute photos!! I love the photo of Mobile Bay - I went to Auburn undergrad -makes me miss L.A. (Lower Alabama!). . . hope you're having a good trip!

Junior said...

Ah! I remember touring Fort Morgan many years ago....what a neat place!

sewistafashionista said...

Right after we married my husband rented 2001. (We married in 2001.) He managed to stay awake. I kept waiting for the action to start. It does leave you wondering at the end.

Sister said...

War Eagle Pammie! And I'm with you, Sewista - I don't consider angry apes "action."