Monday, September 7, 2009

We Watched Too Much TV

Adam-12 - Adam-12, see the man. Sounded like a Dick and Jane novel every week. "'Scuse me, I gotta go see a man...." Martin somebody was the blonde driver I think. Blanking on the partner - he had to be brunet (I think you spell it like that for a man - I could be wrong.) to fit the formula. Oh yeah - kind of a quiet guy, never said much. Seemed sort of dull to me. They improved on this formula with Emergency!

Emergency! This was my first big-time crush - the brunet smart-alecky guy - what was his name? Roy was his blonde partner, a little chubby. The really funny guy was Chet with the big mustache back at the station - he looked just like my cousin B.R. Maybe that show is why I wanted to be a doctor. That's the first time I heard the term "Ringer's," as in "I'm running a bag of Ringer's, Doc." Don't forget Dixie the sexy blonde nurse. They took a risk with an older woman, but it paid off - nurses always know more than the doctors and she was right up there with Dr. What's-his-name (mostly referred to as Doc), also a sexy black-haired guy. If he wasn't sure what to do, Dixie always had a suggestion. You know, she looked a lot like Angie Dickinson and had that same gravelly voice. There was definitely a formula for these shows. (The theme song started out with an ambulance sound: Weee......Wooo......Weee......Wooo.....that's all I remember.)

S.W.A.T. - Precursor to Hill Street Blues, I think. There was no formula here, just sexy men with all different hair colors. I don't even think there was a woman on the show. The only name I remember is Deluca, on whom I had a crush. He was Italian. Now was Adrian Zmed on this? I think I'm confusing it with T.J. Hooker (back to the formula). (By the way, here's the theme song phonetically and moving down the keyboard with each repeat: na-na-naaaaa, na-na-naaaa, na-na-naaaa, na-na-naaaaa, na-na-NA-NA! Now repeat in a higher key. Can you hear it?)


Junior said...

you scare me

Sister said...

Be very afraid.