Monday, September 21, 2009

Popcorn Mania

Lucas has been crazy about selling some popcorn again this year. He's got his sight set on a 2GB MP3 and video player, and by golly I think he'll make it! I needed a video camera to record how he runs in between houses to make the most of his time. Today we started with 9 blank lines on the order form that he wanted to fill up so he'd be eligible for a weekly drawing. He must've rung about 20 doorbells but he got 9 customers! Towards the end he was begging me to let him keep going till he filled up the order form. He'd make a sell, run back to the car to get a swig of Gatorade, then it was on to the next house.

At one intersection he wanted to take a right, but I told him there were only 2 houses in that direction. He said, "Mom, 2 houses could make it for me." When I suggested we head home he said, "Mom, the customers are waiting - let's keep going." At the next-to-last house he turned around and yelled, "Wish me luck!" I did, but then I saw the car pulling out of the garage. He saw it too and ran back to my car, then proceeded to move his mouth like he was talking to me through the window. That's when I realized the guy had pulled up next to my car so Lucas wanted to act like we were busy (just like his mother - sometimes I put my phone to my ear and pretend to talk so I don't have to make eye contact with someone - you know you've done it too).

Anyway, he crossed the street and made the final sale, proving that wishes don't work, but God is a fan of Cub Scouts.

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Junior said...

You go Lucas!!!! And yes, I've done that fake cell phone talking trick also.