Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cougars 2009

We had the annual reunion of the college housemates here at the beach this year - what a blast! Six of us have been getting together for 14 years or so to drink wine, discuss our lives, and go shopping, but this year we went boating and 3 people actually skiied and tubed! (Take that, 42-year-old bones and joints....and then take 800 mg of ibuprofen.) We learned a lot about how active we can still be at 42, but the most important thing the other 5 ladies learned was a little term I picked up from Saturday Night Live. I used it to refer to my pink halter top (see previous post about my ho shirt), and was greeted by 5 people asking: "What's a cougar?"

I think this clip at Hulu says it all - hopefully they'll watch it as it will explain what I was trying to avoid at the restaurant Friday night. Our waiter was about 22 years old and grinning from ear-to-ear as he asked, "Are we partying tonight, ladies?" The implication was there: you chicks are cougars so I got a big tip coming if I play my cards right. Anyway, I'll see if my friends give me permission to post some pictures from our weekend - maybe some action shots of Anne's back spasming or Durema's knee giving out. That reminds me of my mom and Rexie having a ladies' vacation at the beach - they came back with pictures of Rexie with some sort of neck brace on and an ice pack on her head. They said she pulled a muscle, but was that really a hangover?

Of course, now that I'm the same age, I bet it was a cervical disc problem. So sad to fall apart when you still look so good!

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Junior said...

Yes, please post some photos!