Thursday, April 9, 2009

Old Ladies Doing Yoga - Watch Out Now!

This was going to be a response to Lisa's comment below, but it was too long so now it's a post. I took a yoga class a few years ago at the Senior Center near my office and I was the youngest of about 10 women. They had various complaints - knee problems, obesity, back issues, and the instructor was in her 60's and took it VERY EASY. That was my first yoga class so I thought, "how relaxing!" It was all about the breathing and moving extremely slowly. How peaceful! Then one day a substitute came in who was MY age and ramped things up a bit. (By "a bit," I mean we supported our shoulders with blankets and had our lower backs and legs up on the wall.) You should've heard the complaints: I can't do that with my back! That hurts my knee! This isn't how Ethel (not her real name) does it! Then somebody farted. Yep, push old ladies and they're gonna fart. I'm not blaming - I fully understand it comes with age, so my time is coming. I just hope you're not in yoga class with me when it does.

Oh, and imagine my horror when I show up one day and the news channel is there to do a special on exercise and the elderly!


Lisaland said...


Now that downward dog position will do that to your colon! No control. I have heard that sound before! Haha! I am now going to another class. She is a bit more inspirational to look at and I leave feeling like I really did something. I think she may be a better choice. The other one is good for relaxation.

Sister said...

Inspiration to look at - you said it. I think it makes you feel healthier when your instructor is hot - it sort of transfers itself to you. Of course I mean me here, but I think I myself look like the instructor when I walk out of a class. Till I sit in the car and the muffin top spills over - BLEH!