Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Mardi Gras 2018

Well, we're a little out of order, but whaddaya want?! This was probably my favorite year at Endymion, and doesn't this pic of my 2 friends and Drew's girlfriend look like we're on stage at a play?

This is possibly the owner of Quarter Stitch in New Orleans wearing her handmade skirt made from Zapps potato chip bags - clever!

And this was just a gorgeous dress spotted on the street.

So then we were dancing at Lafitte's, which was pretty dead this year, and you really have to watch for traffic!

Which one looks more realistic? Nobody I sent it to really bought it, even after Camille texted it to Lucas and said we were on our way to the ER!

Note the lack of crowd in the street.

The only other people dancing at the beginning were the albino guy behind me (cool!) and a homeless guy who danced his poor heart out.

Now this was a surprise. My Cuban friend and I were getting down to a song when a Pedicab driver jumped off his bike and joined us briefly. Awe-inspiring!

Drew did a little dancing after he got off the float and had a good time with Camille....after Rod Stewart finished his 1.5 hour concert, which was beautiful, but sleep-inducing. When they started playing Kanye after that, Camille became a jumping ball of hair flying and admitted she nearly cried with relief.

And here's a little of the Alabama Chanin beaded Mardi Gras dress in action - it held up well, although the tiny lipstick I stuck in my tiny bra fell out after this performance. No worries - I found it.

And here's the last video of the Electric Slide with a group of older ladies who were dancing all night. The lady in red next to me is 79 years old and kept her heels on the whole time! My idol.

Now did YOU have a good Mardi Gras?


RobbieK said...

Looks like fun was had in spite of the rain. I wanna be 79, wear red and dance all night with heels on, if I can stay awake that late ;) I didn't buy the truck crash either, but I thought the second picture was the best.

Junior said...

Simma don now! LOL!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Now Robbie, Alabama Art Supply is going out of business and having a huge sale, and I'm thinking of going and buying a ton of their paint for our future airbrushing endeavors! It starts at 50% off. Wonder how long unopened paint lasts?

And Tracey, will you be ready next year to dance at Lafitte's? We'll get the bugs off our hips!

Cara Merawat Pohon Jeruk agar Cepat Berbuah said...

haha, you look like having so much fun with life there

Miss Kitty said...

I love your Alabama Chanin evening dress!!! It sparkles in the light with the beading too!
I "found" you via Pinterest and "fell down a rabbit hole" reading about all of your fun on your past blogs.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Why thank you, Miss Kitty! Glad you stopped by - I've neglected the blog for too long but stitched on my next Alabama Chanin skirt last night!