Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Front Door Fashion Scores Another Hit!

My work pants were not progressing fast enough, so I broke down and ordered another box styled by Morgan. Let's go!

Could these pants make me look any skinnier? They're Japanese fabric with Modal or something, and "mold to your body throughout the day."

Before you get all mad that I'm bragging - I'm NOT this skinny. You've seen the swimsuit pics, right? There are more to follow, but these pants and another pair are so stretchy that they make you look amazing even with that giant gut hanging over the waistband of your underwear...perhaps I've said too much. I totally wore this to work today and got compliments on top and pants. You go, Morgan!

Dude! I couldn't handle the giant green scarf because it's so humid down here and I feel guilty that I could knit one myself.

But I'm digging the pants and the blousy blue top. Swapped the pants for a smaller size....(Robbie, does this little scarflace look familiar?)

and I can wear this with lots of different bottoms...

and it goes with the blue necklace I kept from my first FDF box!

This outfit was worn to work yesterday, minus the white tee. The shirt got RAVE reviews from everybody at work, and these are the "ultrasculpt" pants that suck you in tight. You see the gut trying to escape through the white shirt, that was actually see-through - oops!

Love this little jacket - and why wouldn't I, since it matches my favorite Ivankas!

I accidentally deleted a pic of the black silk top under the jacket. It's a very fitted top with an interesting neckline, and I kept it for special events. So these are a couple of things that didn't do it for me - not sure what I have against red...or maybe it's the fabric - just wasn't feeling this one.

Oh, and I see I deleted 2 pics, because there was a VERY long blue silk tunic with a deep V neck that also didn't do it for me. However, these pants will be amazing once I get them hemmed. They're some sort of stretchy fabric but have belt-loops and fit so well.

Can you tell how well they fit? So sorry for my terrible pictures!

So, I remain a HUGE fan of Front Door Fashion, and am so happy I can feel good at work now with what I'm wearing. Katrina, have you done another box lately? My mom just got another Stitch Fix, so I'll have to check that out. Has anybody else experimented with a subscription box service? I'm thinking of doing one for Dean....


BeckyW said...

What cute outfits!! I can't pick a fav. All look so cute on you. I've never done the subscription thing. I'm a Maxonista with a bad habit of picking orphan pieces.

Amy Bailes said...

I've looked into a subscription but I haven't found one that goes up to my size. They stop at either 12 or 14. Bummer but I do have a sewing machine!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Becky, I had to google that term! I did the same thing - but something that didn't go with anything else, so this is the best way for me to stay on trend - ha!

Amy, that stinks about the sizing. You'd think they'd come up with one with larger sizes since they have them just for underwear and other ridiculous things! But its good that you are more proficient with your machine than I am - you don't need no stinking subscription box!

Junior said...

I like them all! I would love to find pants that fit.....everything I try on gapes in the waist. Maybe there's a subscription for just pants?