Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fleece Jacket Mayhem, Sad Cat, Sad Dog

I was almost very productive today....almost. I was going to finish Dean's fleece jacket (Kwik Sew 3815) after making adjustments to the sleeves and coming up with the brilliant idea of using fleece instead of the canvas for the sleeve casings, since those chafed. Alas, my poor machine broke a needle that proceeded to disappear into the workings of the machine, giving me lots of error messages and funny noises. Here's the devil jacket.

I've lightened up all the pictures so you can see the details. Now when I made my mother's Auburn fleece, I broke a needle top-stitching over this intersection, which has about 10 layers of fabric, so I went VERY s-l-o-w-l-y here, and the needle did just fine. It wasn't until I was attaching the last cuff that it broke. Four little layers - 3 of just fleece - and she had enough. Drew says the heavy duty sewing probably weakened the needle to the breaking point...he's in honors physics, that one.

Here's the back, but this fits Dean a lot better than it fits my dress form.

And here was one thing I did finish. I actually blocked my knitted jacket. I hate blocking stuff, but the edges all were curling up, and the garter stitch yoke was quite wavy, so I wet it pretty good, as you can see in this fuzzy picture. (If anybody knows where I put my blocking pins that I bought at JoAnn last month, can you remind me?)

And here are 2 of my favorite YouTube videos. I love the cat one, but the dog one may be funnier. It's a little crude - watch out!

Okay, now maybe I can start beading that dress again!


BeckyW said...

I must not show Bart that jacket photo. He will want one.

Love the sad cat and dog. I've never seen the dog one. Our dog, Sparky, had to wear a cone recently due to a sore paw. He was about as sad looking as that dog in the video.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Oh Becky, it's actually kind of fun to make! The doggie cone of shame always cracks me up...

Anonymous said...

We are cat people and I LOVE the cat one. Get to work on that dress girl! You "cain't go to the party nekkid". I"m trying to get some hand projects set up, not having much lucK right now. Send me some inspiration!!!


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

I beaded till 11pm last night! Finally got a good task light on the table, so that helped. Now what about some fingerless gloves, or whatever they're called? Or a pillow - she has some in one of her
Books that look fun to try. I'm thinking of weaving an old chair seat...after Mardi Gras is over!