Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post-Thanksgiving Roundup

Well I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving! I was on call and am not the greatest cook (see end of post for the gory details), so my husband did all the cooking (for 3 days he cooked!). Here's a picture of his and Lucas's apple pie - he even made leaves!

But we have to talk about knitting! So my knitting obsession made me buy the holiday Vogue Knitting magazine at Hancock yesterday. I went to buy yarn for a special project, but I can't talk about it here since my sister reads the blog. I've put it up on Ravelry, and she better promise not to go there (do NOT click on this link, Tracey). I'm just getting started on it, but have watched several videos on YouTube that helped. Anyhoo, this was on the cover of the Vogue magazine - a peplum!

See, knitting chicks got it going on too! For you non-sewer people, peplums are apparently all the rage and Pattern Review is full of peplum patterns. (Of course, by the time I finished knitting this, peplums would be out of fashion.)

Anyway, I also finished a hat for my BIL - Tracey, do NOT show Joe this page!
I improvised a pattern from a couple of other patterns, but I still need to work on decreases at the crown. I'm not happy with the poofiness of it, but the original pattern only had 3 rows of decreases and was even more poofy.

Oh, and if you're ready for the reason I don't cook so much, it's because of the family gathering where I was assigned only the sweet potato casserole to cook. Now how hard could that be? So I'm cutting up sweet potatoes to boil, and I slice off a chunk of my pinky tip. It commences to bleeding very badly, so Dean has to stop what he's cooking and help me wrap it up. I applied pressure for about 15 minutes and it was still bleeding, so we debated going to the ER, but there wasn't anything you could stitch together, really, so I just kept up the pressure. Finally it quit bleeding. Anyway, I proceeded on with my dish and boiled the potatoes, then poured them into the colander to drain. That's when I found the little pinky tip I was missing - EWWWWW! Now everything was boiled and aseptic, so it didn't ruin the casserole or anything, but I'm now excused from all cooking - woohoo!


RobbieK said...

YIKES!!!! Sweet potatoes are very hard to cut. I usually just pierce them and stick them in the microwave like a regular potato. When they are cool enough to handle, I peel them. The skin slides right off. That works for just about everything, except "fries". After cutting myself a couple of times trying that, I buy the prepared frozen "fries" that you bake. Cheaper than a trip to the ER.

Junior said...

I'm wondering what you're up to! Hat for Joe looks good!! I threw up in my mouth after reading about your're not cooking at Christmas are you?

Sister said...

Bahahahaha! You thought those sweet potatoes were delicious! And thanks for the "tip," Robbie (get it - tip)!

RobbieK said...

Oh yeah, I got it.....barf.