Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meyer Lemon Recipes, Anyone?

This is just part of the haul from our 3 trees, picked before the dreaded freeze. There are still some on the tree, but I haven't tried them yet to see if they ruined. Other than the best lemonade ever, anybody got any great recipes? I tried key lime pie (since Drew insisted they were limes past their prime) but Lucas spit the first mouthful out, and I couldn't blame him. I'm going to try to make lemon bars, but I have to yank myself away from knitting and Rosetta Stone first. Want a taste of what I've learned with RS?

Konnichiwa! Onna no hito tachi ga wanpiisu o kitte imasu.
(Hello! The ladies are wearing dresses...or they HAVE dresses...still a little fuzzy on the verb there.)
Otto kono ko to otto kono hito wa hashitte imasu. (The boy and man are running.)
Japanese visitors, feel free to correct me if I've mangled it. Robbie can attest to how amazing it is that my Southern accent disappears completely when I'm speaking Japanese...uh, right, Robbie?


BeckyW said...

We don't have that many. We might have about 20 in all. I left mine on the tree. Hope they are still OK. Someone gave me the idea to squeeze out all the juice of some and freeze in ice cube trays for later.

marysews said...

We want to plant lemon trees in our future; they will be meyer lemons - if those are the big one!

I do have a recipe for using up lemons. Make a lemon cake mix, add a box of lemon jello to the mix, and bake in a 9x13 pan. Make a glaze of fresh-squeezed lemon juice and confectioner's sugar, and pour over the hot cake after you've poked holes in the cake. Le Voila' - triple threat lemon cake!

Sister said...

Yes! The ice cube trick - must do that!

Sister said...

And Mary - these are the big lemons. I LOVE how that cake sounds! Plus it's a lot less work than the lemon bars - off to the store tomorrow - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Come visit my blog -- I have a recipe for Meyer Lemon Drop Martinis :)

You can also zest them and then juice them, mix it together, and freeze it into ice cube trays.

If you need me to take some off your hands, let me know. My little tree had a ton of blooms then dropped all of them for some unknown reason. If I am lucky I will have about a dozen blood oranges, though.

Sister said...

Hey - I remember that martini - I'll check it out! (I got lazy one time and just poured a shot of vodka into my lemonade and called it done.). And blood oranges - how cool!

RobbieK said...

Yes, Lynn sounds totally Japanese when she says she is speaking umm Japanese. (Like, y'all, how would I know??)

Sister said...

I love you, Robbie! Thank you for my laugh of the day!