Monday, November 7, 2016

Meeting in Vegas, and Spartan Bruises

So barely recovered from the Spartan, I hopped a plane to Vegas for a work meeting. This was a nice sunset I snapped from the plane in Charlotte, NC.

And these were some precious sleeping ducklings next to the fountain at the Mirage, where my meeting was.

I didn't go see the Beatles Love concert, whatever that was... (And I didn't MEAN to look puzzled, so I may need to sign up for some Botox soon.)

but I did make a couple of friends and venture out for dinner at Giada's at the Cromwell (across from Caesar's Palace). The windows OPENED up like garage doors, and we were right on the Strip! I would definitely eat here again - the place was gorgeous, and the food was aMAZing!

Then we ventured downstairs, where we played a little video Blackjack and video poker. I was going to attempt live Blackjack, but the minimum bet on a Friday night was $15 - too rich for my blood! I won $18 here, but just kept playing it while we were talking (and enjoying the free drinks), so I was ultimately down $20.

And now you can move on, unless you're ready for some graphic hematoma pictures! That's actually a handprint on my forearm where a guy (vigorously) helped Dean haul me over the 45-degree wall I climbed with a rope. The armpit bruises are from hanging onto walls and hauling myself up over them.

And this is an extreme close-up of my poor knee, and I remember scraping it as I went over a wall, but I don't remember why it's bruised, since there really was no crawling. I didn't take a pic of the back of my leg where there's just a straight black line all the way across - I think that was from being slung over a wall before the other leg followed. Just fascinating, really. Think of all the stuff you did as a kid and never bruised up.

The saddest thing was that I've been a little proud of my leg muscles - I mean you can SEE some little muscles now, but that skin still screams 49 years old! I would look down while I was walking and see all the wrinkles on this knee, and really feel my age.

Next time I'm wearing long leggings!


Lynda Woerner said...

Sounds like you are having fun in Las Vegas. If you don't already know about it, my favorite place there is the pinball museum. Located at 1610 Tropicana, it is a blast if you enjoy pinball. Pinball machines from every era from the earliest versions to current models. They even have the model I played my first games on in 1978 or so. You can play pinball as long as you wish, costing only quarters. Games range from 2 for a quarter to $1.50 or so. Mostly whatever the machine originally cost is what is still costs. I like an old baseball version that is 2 games for a quarter and racks up points in single digits. They give all their proceeds to the Salvation Army. I feel your bruising. Looks almost as bad as when I got back from whitewater kayaking and zip lining in North Carolina. I'll bet you thought those weren't contact sports. Ha! I am now well acquainted with every rock in the Nantahala and Tucksagee Rivers. Along with a close personal acquaintance with the #6 platform of the NOC zip line. Still have a sore spot on the side of my knee after two months. Hope you don't have any lasting effects from the Spartan. And congratulations on completing it! I mentioned before that we were traveling out west, leaving shortly after y'all got back from your trip. We had a great time with lots of adventures on our trip. We had so much fun, we bought an RV 5th wheel after we came home to make traveling the country more pleasant (no more hotel rooms!). Plus July, August and September in LA are not really very pleasant. Heat, humidity and bugs. I saw that you are having a weekend in Gulf Shores in December. I would love to meet some local fellow sewers and crafters. Perhaps I could stop by for a few minutes?

Lynda Woerner said...

Oh, I almost forgot, "Love" is a wonderful Cirque du Soleil show based on Beatles music. It is my husband's favorite CdS show. Of course, I've never seen a bad CdS show.

Anonymous said...

Yowza!!! If those don't impress your boys, nothing will. I know what you mean about the aged skin look, though. I guess if you get dirty and muddy enough, or get enough bruises, no one will notice. Actually, I don't think anyone else notices. I'm still waiting for the Rec center pool to reopen, trying not to regain weight.

The grandkids put in Christmas present orders. I only have to sew 2, or 3 depending on your point of view. The youngest wants matching pjs for herself and her American Girl doll (clone, who would give a 5 yo a $200 doll??) So is that 2 or 1? And the next older DGD wants some "flamingo pajamas so I will think of you every time I wear them." AWWWW, what a sweetheart! I did manage to find some flamingo flannel from and I think I have stuff in my stash for the others. The two older kids want books and paints.

Vegas looks like fun! Robbie

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Hey Lynda! That's funny about the pinball machine museum - will have to check that out next time we go. And you must've really enjoyed your trip to buy a 5th wheel! I've always wanted to rent one for a road trip, but the last time I tried, I was too young - you have to be 25 or 26 to rent one I think. I certainly should try again! We'd love to meet you if you want to drop by Saturday afternoon - just shoot me an email and I'll send you directions ( What's your craft of choice?

Robbie, how sweet to do matching pajamas! Do they make patterns for those dolls, or do you have to draft your own? And I can't wait to see the flamingo fabric!

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are tons of patterns for matching outfits. One company even has matching mother, daughter and doll.


BeckyW said...

Have fun in Vegas!! I've never been. A good friend of mine went recently and enjoyed Brittany's show. Just for fun I googled "knitting store las vegas". It came back with a store called "Sin City Knit Shop". I might actually go there just so I could maybe have a bag or something with their logo.

The bruises! Wow! You are tough! I'm impressed. Reminded me of the time I went to play paintball long ago. I only had one bruise though.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Robbie, that reminded me that my Mom made the same dress for herself, me, and my doll back in 1972'ish.

Becky, I wish I'd seen that before I went - I googled fabric stores but they just had the standard chains - didn't even try yarn stores!