Sunday, October 9, 2016

Not a Peplum Girl!

So I cut the peplum off, evened it up, and resewed it with the seam on the side, but something's just not right. I can't put my finger on it, so I asked Lucas for his opinion. He said, "You look like you're trying to be a ballerina, it's too short, and it makes you look offense." (Honest and fashion-forward, that one!)

I have to agree, it's just not working. Maybe a stiffer fabric with more formal pants would look good, but this does NOT.

And this is even worse, what with the seam being higher in front like I'm 12 weeks pregnant! Now the question is how to salvage it, since I've bound the sleeves already, just not the neck. First I thought leave the back peplum but make the front come straight down, but I don't even like the back. So replace it with a normal bottom, but embellish it somehow? Coordinating but mildly contrasting fabric? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

So in other weekend news, I made a lot of progress on my "split-neck sweater" from Ravelry, but then discovered this about the V-neck border - do you see it?

I skipped 4 purl stitches on the right, so I'm ripping that back and redoing it - bleh! It should be nice once I get going, though, since it's a seamless, in-the-round, sweater that will go quickly.

And I did take a private lesson at Mobile Yarn to learn how to do 2 socks at once on circulars, but little progress has been made, and I need another lesson!

Now I heard Robbie is close to finishing her AC dress she airbrushed with me last year, so I can't wait to see that - can I share it here, Robbie, when you get it finished? What have you other ladies been working on? And I'm still looking at December for a possible GCGS&KW - possibly the 17th- any big conflicts with that weekend? Pam, any chance you're in Pensacola that weekend??!!


Amy Bailes said...

Next time instead of ripping back, do what I call a smocking stitch over the area. They look like purloin stitches & you don't have to rip back - unless you are perfectionist in your knitting.

On the hi-low, you need more low than you have.

Michelle J Lee said...

If you are going to keep the Peplum, it needs to be much fuller in the back to emphasize your slimness. With added gathers at CB. OR remove peplum altogether and add blocks of contrasting color to make a straight/fitted tee. The peplum you have is just not right. Good luck!

BeckyW said...

I think you and I are similar in body type. I think if I were making a peplum for myself, I would lengthen the top part like 2 or 3 inches and make the peplum start more at the hip instead of over the tummy. Maybe you could do some sort of a color block to salvage.

I love the idea of doing 2 socks at once. That is brilliant. That would be the only way that I could make them anywhere near the same size!

I've taken on doing some paperwork for the rescue group that I've been volunteering with. Between that and tennis it has kept me too busy to get much sewing done. I do have a quick craft project that I am in the middle of. I'm making a wreath for the door for Halloween. Go to Pinterest and search for "snake wreath".

Anonymous said...

If you don't just love the peplum, ditch it. You have too many other things that you enjoy to keep fiddling with it.

I am working on drafting a sleeve for the AC dress now. It was sleeveless and it's getting close to "sleeve weather". And yes you may use the pix.


Anonymous said...

December 17th weekend is ok with me.


BeckyW said...

December 17th weekend is ok with me too.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

YES, YES, YES!!!! Thank all you ladies for the suggestions on the peplum, and Amy, thanks for the stitch idea! I haven't ripped it out yet, so I may just slide the needles back in and do what you said - fabulous! Michelle - thanks for dropping by and giving me peplum advice - it's my first one and I went without an official pattern, and I love the color-blocking idea too. Becky - ewwww! That wreath is very cool for Halloween, though, and good for you for working to help rescue cats! Robbie, let me know if you need to borrow a pattern for an AC sleeve. And I'll check on the 17th - sounds promising!