Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Little Styling Help for New Look 6071

So I've been working on the sock every night, but last night I had the disturbing revelation that 3 of my fingers were completely numb on my left hand, and I had an ache up the inside of my left wrist - not the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome!!! I took some ibuprofen and went to bed, and this morning it was a little better, so I knitted while Dean cooked breakfast. (I've said it before - I'm a lucky woman!) Well, then I noticed that both hands had numb fingers, so I think this is more about my previous neck issue, and not carpal tunnel, but I decided to take it to the sewing room and give the wrists a break.

I had in mind to find some T-shirts for an Alabama Chanin project, but would you believe I ran across a project I cut out last year in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. I believe I got this fabric in New Orleans at Promenade, and I wanted the big drapey sleeves from Simplicity 3956 combined with a New Look dress I made before.

I can't tell you how nice it is to pick up a completely cut-out and marked project that's ready to sew - it's like a gift! Now I think the sleeves were too much with the wild print, and I'm wearing this to Dean's birthday dinner tomorrow night, so I was picturing dragging the sleeve through my plate while reaching for my wine, thus I cut the sleeve down to its original size. I think it turned out really nice - I LOVE this fabric! I need your help with jewelry and shoes. Crazy jeweled necklace from Front Door Fashion? Ivanka Trump gray heels? (I discovered a tragedy in my closet - apparently I gave all my black heels away. I had the ridiculously high peep-toes that I wore once in 4 years, so I donated those, but I'm afraid I also handed off 2 pairs of lower-heeled flats that were about 15 years old...Mad Cow moment, apparently...wait, maybe they're in the freezer!)

Now the pattern placement on the back is a little unfortunate, but at least the lighter color is closer to my waist.

And the swayback adjustment was perfect.

This is A more refined necklace with matching earrings that I think I prefer, and these are the Fluevog heels, which may be too wild on their own to coordinate with the print. Your thoughts?

So it was fabulous to be so productive as to get a full dress done in a weekend, but I also paid a visit to Mobile Yarn, to use my gift certificates, and have plans for a new 3/4-length "split-neck" sweater in a darker blue cotton yarn for the coming colder weather. And no, I haven't finished the sleeve on the black sweater, but that's up next after the sock. Back to work on that sock - numb fingers be damned! Hope your weekend and your fingers are okay.


Pam said...

Wow I love the dress -- and the shoes; I think it stands on its own. It does have a hippy dippy flare which I appreciate (although I am an environmental lawyer in California, haha). Love it! I've been weaving (yes! I bought a rigid heddle), spinning *yarn*, knitting and a little sewing. Now, if I can get back to blogging. Love your post and the dress!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Ooh - weaving! My LYS is having a weaving class next weekend - what are you making? You do need to put up a post with pictures - might inspire me to pick up something else now that I've conquered sewing, knitting, and crocheting!

Anonymous said...

Take care of those hands!!!! Maybe a little change in how you hold your yarn and needles will help. Maybe some support under your forearms.

Love the dress, Love the shoes, I"m so jealous! I've been stitching on my black and white Alabama Channin and will probably finish the applique stitching in the next couple of days. Then I can sew it together, but, I cut out this dress when I was 30 pounds heavier,,,,,hope I can make it fit.


BeckyW said...

Oh my goodness!! I am so far behind. I just caught up on your blogs. Where to start? The doughnut is too adorable! It is perfect! The look on Lucas's face is priceless. I'm loving the skirt with the fake button placket. That is a brilliant idea. I made a very similar skirt on one of our ladies sewing weekends a couple of years ago and the buttons down the front were a bear. The gift swap was just a neat thing to do. The signature necklace would have made me cry too. I love your dress. The fabric is to die for. It looks really great. I would be no help on accessories. I am challenged in that area.

Drew in the apartment!!

We just moved Jessica into the dorms in Alabama. That was an ordeal to say the least. I think the room turned out pretty cute. I had a couple of projects in there. I make her a padded headboard and some shams for some European pillow squares to match. I used a set of wide curtains from Tuesday Morning for the fabric.

Life has been crazy. I've had little time for anything. My mom broke her back. Compression fracture of her L2 from lifting a heavy drawer after it fell off it tracks onto the floor. She had the cement procedure by a radiologist. It made me wonder if that is what your husband does. Amazing procedure! Got her back going again.

I've started helping Save-a-stray with coordinating their cat/kitten vet visits. I was feeling guilty with not keeping any fosters this summer.

I've had no real time for projects and my house is a wreck. Hopefully, things will settle down.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Robbie, I can't wait to see this AC black and white item - it's been over a year in the making! (I'm not judging - been there, done that.) Maybe you can finish it at our next GCGSW, and we can help you take it up to fit your new body! And good for you, by the way.

Becky - oh my goodness, we have to hear all about Jessica - did you cry? Did she cry? That room is to DIE for - beautiful fabric - I would've never thought to use curtains, and she has PLANTS! And I'm glad your Mom's okay - radiologists do so much more than just read x-rays, don't they?! Now I'm not sure if my sister's even gone into her son's room yet (he's a freshman at Auburn) because she was so sad; have you turned Jessica's room into something else yet? Lucas wanted to make Drew's room his movie studio, but we reminded him that Drew would come home for holidays, etc. He was devastated to hear that - heehee. It's not as hard the second time around to leave them at school, but we were definitely still sad, just not sobbing this time. Good luck getting back to normal!

BeckyW said...

I cried a little. Not quite as much as I was afraid. She really got upset a couple of days before she left. She felt like she was losing her home and that home would not be the same when she left. We moved her in late Saturday afternoon. We really didn't get finished before it was time we needed to eat supper. Her roommate was not moving in until the next day. We took her to a nice place to eat. She only ate two bites and broke down crying. Later she threw up. We ended up staying in B'ham that night and finishing the room the next day. By the time we left Sunday she was in better spirits. She had a stomach ache and did not eat much of anything until about Wednesday when classes started. At that point she had recovered and was really upbeat. She decided to come home over the weekend since her only Friday class (lab) was not going to meet. She ran into a pothole and blew out her tire about 20 minutes from home. AAA took 2 hours and then we had to go get the tire fixed. She had a good weekend home, and was leaving happily Sunday afternoon. Until...her car would not start. We had to take her to Autozone and buy her a battery. Crazy! She is really liking classes and things are going well now. I think that it did not help that her best friend is at Auburn and miserable. Jessica gels really well with her roommate. Her friend has three roommates that she has zero in common with and has been crying and texting with Jessica. So, Jessica's room will still remain Jessica's room.

And she is super into plants. She has had those for several months. I dread her having to drag those back and forth on Christmas break. They were a bear to transport. I was so scared that we would damage the orchids. The curtains are for the plants. I searched high and low for the perfect shelf to put in the window that would hold two levels of plants at the small window. Amazon came through again.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Holy moly - that sounds tough! I'm sure that was rough to split from her best friend. My nephew lives in Boyd in the Hill - where does her friend live? Maybe we can make introductions...glad Jessica is adapting, though - sounds like she's got a good head on her shoulders!

Anonymous said...

Well just WOW!!!! My dorm rooms never looked like that! It sounds like she is doing great and I"m so glad to hear it. I've been thinking about you wondering how it was going. Unfortunate that her friend is having a difficult time. Vic's middle granddaughter had a terrible time adjusting her first year at Florida. Now you can't pry her away. She just needs to find her place. Hope your Mom continues to improve.