Sunday, June 12, 2016

My ADHD Knitting Weekend

So I knit my black mesh sweater sleeve too tightly on the circulars and couldn't get it to slide onto the bamboo ends to finish, and when I tried to start the new blue Waves of Lace coverup, I messed up the lace several times. I decided it was time to take a lace class at Mobile Yarn since I was still off work.

I've never done a knitting class before, but it was nice to sit with 2 other ladies and work out our lace issues. I got this far before leaving.

AND, I also tried my first knitting on double-pointed needles! Ariel kindly worked my black sleeve onto these, and I should finish it up shortly.

But I wanted to take maximum advantage of vacation time, so I signed up for another class the next day...


Only messed up once when I kept knitting with the wrong needle - Dean realized it before I did when he saw 2 empty ones lying on the counter.

Here's my progress in one day.

I am in LOVE!

Of course I can't wait to finish - I had to see how it'd look with a shoe.

Jake couldn't stop sniffing the yarn, and I realized it must smell like the sheep and alpaca at the festival.

Dang work - have to go back tomorrow and I'm on call. This is seriously going to interfere with my knitting. Wonder if I can keep one of these projects in a drawer in case of no-shows or cancellations...

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