Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Alabama Chanin Thread and Skirt, and Shoes

Why am I such an idiot? I guess that mad cow is back again (the family knows he never left). Remember I needed to order more maroon thread to finish my couched skirt? I thought 4 spools should get it. What a big box they shipped it in!

And individually wrapped each spool so nicely?!

Arghhhh! Did I seriously overlook something when ordering? Yes, in the description of the thread, it says that thread is shipped in quantities of 4, thus the price of $6. How did I miss that?! So do I really want to package this thread up and return it? Maybe I'll keep it and couch the maroon wrap they gifted me at the Blackberry weekend...yes, that'll save this situation.

Speaking of Alabama Chanin skirts, I told you I'd do an Auburn skirt, didn't I?! Nothing crazy - this is the Swing Skirt from Alabama Stitch Book, and I can wear this to work, though not with these shoes, of course (or this shirt - yuck)! These are brogues from Monsoon, which I found initially on Pinterest, then through Polyvore, I think. They came lickety-split in the mail from Great Britain, but are 1/2-size too big, so I'm exchanging them because I think they're calm enough but still interesting, which is all I ask in a shoe.

Here's a better combo, and these are the delicious Ivanka Trump heels, which make me feel like a ballerina.

The skirt does too! Question for you: Can you tell one of the panels is a different shade of blue? I had 3 Boy Scout shirts and 1 other navy blue that was very close, but not quite a match. After I sewed them up, I think they're all slightly different from each other, so I'm good with it.

Okay, it's fairly noticeable, but what are you gonna do? I thought about doing a reverse applique of the orange "AU" on it to distract you, but then I couldn't wear it to work. Oh well.

Now UPS came as I was typing, and brought me the other shoe I love. This is a loafer by Born (long-time fan of Born) purchased from Nordstrom/Haute Rack or something like that. Also found on Pinterest and tracked back through Polyvore.

This is not calm at all, so can't be worn every day, but look how perfect it is with my favorite pink pants!

Jake's a fan...

Can you believe the velvety pillow they call the insole? I had to take a picture because it's so pretty.

Okay, off to sew the elastic waistband on my new skirt...or should I jump back on the couching since I have the maroon thread nice to have choices!


Junior said...

Purty shoes!

Amy Bailes said...

I like your Born shoes. I have a pair of pink saddle shoes (Rachael wears them more than I do).

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Thank you ladies, you have good taste in shoes!

BeckyW said...

I'm insane for that last pair shoes. I haven't mail ordered too many pairs. I'm always nervous. Usually if shoe station doesn't have it, I don't buy it.

I'm anxious to see your couched skirt complete.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

I'm always nervous Becky, but the local stores just don't have the crazy stuff I want very often. So far I've had no trouble with returns....I hope to finish the couched skirt in Chicago!