Friday, June 12, 2015

Yummy Auburn Velvet Cake

I think she liked it!

It tasted good by all accounts, but the colors just didn't turn out as bright as I hoped.

Drew photobombed me.

Lucas apparently took my phone to snap a picture, because I didn't know this had happened. Wonder why the dog's ear is standing straight up - odd.

So for the upcoming Alabama Chanin airbrushing session, I'm kind of stuck. I was going to do white fabric with a gray stencil like Bianca's (reviewed here), but I'm afraid that would clash with the couched skirt if it's an all-over maybe just one shoulder? Or I'll just wear a different shirt with the couched skirt - problem solved! And I want to use my actual AC blue fabric for something great, but I only have 2 yards and I didn't buy another fabric to make a second layer. So it could be a nice short tank dress, but won't be very embellished. Perhaps just stenciled? What color would you use if you weren't going to cut out shapes? I've worn out Pinterest and Craftsy looking at project ideas - even Googled "Alabama Chanin at work" to see if anybody else made stuff you could wear to work. Nope. Oh well, I have one week to get it together. What are you doing this weekend?