Wednesday, April 8, 2015

First Half of Spring Break 2015...

And we spent it in Wisconsin with my sister's family. Poor Dean had to work, and it's mighty hard to get to Sparta, so he stayed back. The boys and I flew into La Crosse, which is a lovely city, though they're working on the airport....ahem.

We ate at a great Mexican restaurant called Manny's, in Onalaska I believe, where the bowl of queso dip dwarfs what we get here in Alabama.

And the next day Tracey made delicious crescent rolls with homemade cinnamon filling and glaze - YUM.

Here's a bat in the barn - did I mention they live on a farm now? I declined to climb the ladder for a shot of hundreds of bats - sorry.

This is where they used to bring the cows for it's bike storage.

The boys got to experience chickens for the first time ever - whee!

This is called an ugly-neck, or something more official, because it doesn't have any feathers on parts of its neck.

Their snow just recently melted, and we had great weather for getting outside and playing Frisbee and riding bikes.

I did attempt a chicken-selfie (is that a thing?), but she was staring at me a little too intently, so I was a'skeered of getting pecked.

Joe had a little White Lightnin' from Tennessee, so we had screwdrivers - very smooth!

We drove into Cashton to sample some cheese and look at Norwegian gifts, and I saw a windmill for the first time in person - is that what you call this?

We found an antique store that had vintage patterns, so I bought these 3, but I need to talk to you vintage pattern-buying women, because I was under the impression you could get a bundle for a few bucks. These were $3 a piece! I was especially dismayed when I found out the woman double-charged me, and we had to go back after lunch to straighten that out.

When we got back home, Tracey and I put on our running gear and headed out for a "shuffle," as she calls it.

I don't what you'd call this, other than silly.

And fun, actually.

Drew had the most fun petting their cat, oddly enough.

And on the way to the airport, we stopped at Fitting Knits, one of two LYS in La Crosse, where I bought these 2 skeins on clearance.

So that was a short but sweet start to our Spring Break, and now we can say we've been to Wisconsin! Now to start the beach portion of our week, and I'm running a 5K on Saturday, since I MAY be in training for a half-marathon in Amish country in September!!!!! More on that later....what are YOU up to this week?


Junior said...

That chicken thought you were a purty girl!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

I don't know, she looks rather unimpressed to me....

BeckyW said...

Looks like a really fun time. Great place to spend Spring Break.

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

I got a lot of jokes about going to Wisconsin, but it was beautiful while we were there....of course it sleeted the day we left....;)

Anonymous said...

How was the run on Saturday?


Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Painful - I slid down the stairs on my derriere as I was getting ready! Still ran - 33:36 I believe - but you should see the ostrich egg on my hip! Doing a post shortly about Cayman Grill - did y'all go back? We did - whoops - bit different at dinner! Save your money....