Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Break is O-vah!

Did a couple of fun things over Spring Break....made some monkey bread with my 2 cans of biscuits - yum! Lucas said we must make it again, Drew said he prefers some meat so you feel like you ate something, instead of just syrup and sugar. I must concur, but the non-syrupy pieces were delicious and cinnamoney, so I'm okay with it. It was offered with bacon, so there's your protein and cholesterol.

We also took a college tour for Drew at Auburn University - Pam, did you ever go up to the "Eagle's Nest" at the top of Haley Center? Great views - this is the new Nichols College of Business, or something like that.

And I'm almost finished knitting my latest shrug, but I checked out these books at the library and am just itching to do something from them. This one has gifts broken down by the time to complete them, so the first chapter is "Under 2 hours," the next is "2-4 hours," etc. There's a sweater I love in there, plus tons of other cute things, including these gift bags on the cover.

And THIS book is a must-have, since I've discovered the joys of top-down knitting without seams! It tells you how to convert flat patterns to circular ones. Off to Books a Million to order that!

But there'll be little time for knitting this week, since my big grand opening day is Thursday, and I have to actually set up my workspace, etc., before then. Exciting, but scary!!!!!

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